Memorial Trees

Planting a memorial tree can help people to come to terms with their loss and creates a special place for friends and family to visit, remember and reflect. 


There are many places that a tree can be planted; opportunities exist where tree planting is part of the landscape management programme within the country park. Only native tree species can be planted, the country park has a list of approved species you can choose from. 


The sponsor is responsible for choosing and purchasing the tree, a supporting stake and a strap. The country park can provide details of a reputable dealer where tree species (approximately 6-8ft in height) can be purchased.


Locations: Porthkerry Country Park / Cosmeston Lakes Country Park


Purchasing a Memorial Tree

The price for planting does include the services of a ranger on planting day, and all future maintenance of the tree by the experienced country park ranger service. Should the tree fail to mature, it will be replaced once at no extra cost.


Cost: £195 (This doesn't include the price of tree)


If you are interested in planting a memorial tree at Cosmeston Lakes or Porthkerry Country Parks please contact:

  • Cosmeston: 029 2070 1678 /
    Porthkerry: 01446733589

Tree Planting

Memorial tree-planting season runs from mid-October through to the end of February.


An experienced member of the ranger service will help you with the planting, usually preparing the hole prior to your arrival.


The ranger will give you advice about the tree, after which you and your family are welcome to plant the tree in the hole prepared.


Once planting is complete, you will be given a map showing you the location of the tree and detailing the date and species of tree planted.

In the event that your tree is damaged resulting in the tree failing to mature, the country park will replace the tree once at no extra cost.


Unfortunately, no plaques can be erected, nor is flower planting permitted. This prevents drawing unwanted attention to the planted tree. If you wish to lay some flowers next to the tree at certain times of the year, this is acceptable.