Disability sports in the Vale







Disability Sport in the Vale of Glamorgan

Working together

The Disability Sports Wales programme has been established between Sport Wales, Federation of Disability Sport Wales and 22 local authorities.  


Making a difference

Simon Jones is the Vale of Glamorgan's Disability Sports Wales Development Officer. Helping with performance, coaching and volunteering, Simon promotes quality community sports and physical activities opportunities for people with disabilities. View more information about Simon's role on the Disability Sports Wales website.


Disability Sport Wales aims to:

  • create new clubs and improve existing clubs.
  • offer professional advice and support.
  • increase the number of disabled people who actively participate in sports.
  • improve the quality and number of coaches and volunteers.
  • work closely with the federation's national performance manager.
  • Vale Disability Sports Directorycreate new and develop existing opportunities for disabled people to compete in sport at local, regional and national level.

Disability Sport Newsletter

The Disability Sport Newsletter June 2015


Find a club

The Vale of Glamorgan Disability Sports Directory (pdf) lists all clubs in the Vale that offer sporting opportunities for people with disabilities. You can also contact Simon (details below) for further details.



If you are interested in volunteering to help out at a disability sports session, please contact Simon Jones on the number below.



Simon Jones, Disability Sport Wales Development Officer.