Family Support Courses

The Putting Families First schools and community programme provides parents, guardians and carers with children aged 0-11 years with a range of courses which can help to positively enhance family life and parent/child relationships.

The programme also an informal network to support, helping to develop confidence, new skills and provide greater access to information.

  • Building Confident Families 
    This is a new accredited course embracing and replacing ‘Confident Parent’ sessions. 


    This course is aimed at building resilience in families through understanding a families stressors and finding ways to deal with family situations effectively.


    This course is aligned to the ethos and techniques of the Nurture programme and the relaxation sessions for children and adults


     - Signs and symptoms of stress

     - Stress and the impact on family life

     - Managing stress


    Delivery:  Trained LSA or PFF staff
    Duration: Four weekly sessions, two hours per session
    Crèche: is made available whenever possible
    Accreditation: Agored Cymru 1 Credit at Level one 
  • Family Links and Nurture Programme 
    This course has proven to be very popular and has a positive impact on parents


    All feed back from the course states a better understanding of effective parenting strategies with a positive impact being made on individuals and their family.


    The Nurturing Programme builds on existing parenting skills and helps parents think about:

     - Why children behave as they do.

     - The feelings behind behaviour (ours and theirs).

     - Different approaches to discipline.

     - Developing co-operation and self-discipline in children.

     - The importance of looking after ourselves. 


    Delivery:  2 trained staff.

    Duration: 10 weekly sessions 2 hours per session

    Crèche: Made available whenever possible

    Accreditation: N/A

  • Food Wise 
    A part of the Change for Life programme to encourage families to eat healthier food


    There is also a weight management element to the course which helps people to achieve and maintain a healthy weight.


    The course will include:

     - The eat well plate and a balanced diet

     - Portion sizes

     - Reading labels

     - Benefits of exercise

     - Planning healthy meals

     - Healthier options


    Delivery:Wellbeing Coach
    Duration:8 weeks
    Crèche:Made available if needed
    Accreditation :Agored Cymru level 2

  • Health and Wellbeing (delivered by C1st Wellbeing Coaches)
    Working in partnership with Communities First and Newydd Housing Association, the Community Wellbeing Coaches deliver a range of sessions to parents in Barry schools


    Speakeasy: Helping parents understand how to talk to their child appropriately about sex and relationships.

     - Physical and emotional changes.

     - Awareness of what sex and relationship education means within the context of family life.

     - Child protection strategies.

     - Information on sex and relationship education in schools.


    Delivery:  Wellbeing Coach  

    Duration: 8 weeks

    Crèche:  Made available if needed

    Accreditation: Agored Cymru 3 credits Level 1 / 2

  •  Helping Children Learn in the Foundation Phase

    Developed as the next step from Language and Play, these courses embrace the foundation phase areas of learning: language, literature and communication skills, mathematical development, personal and social development and wellbeing.

    It also is in line with the Welsh Governments Powri Drwy Stori intervention, which aims to increase and/or improve:


     - The quality time that families spend together

     - Attitudes by parents/carers to reading and books (for themselves and their child)

     - The number of rhymes known – parents/child, Language, Literature and Communication Skills, including numbers(mathematical development), Personal and Social Development, Well-Being and Cultural Diversity

     - Parental confidence around sharing books, stories and rhymes and in being a partner in their child’s learning over time.

  •  Play Development
    The Play team have developed a range of activities to share with parents to stimulate ideas for play and encourage parent child interaction at home


    Pick and Mix: Activities such as messy play, outdoors play, junk modelling are shared with parents and children to stimulate interest and enjoyment and encourage home activities.


    Way to Play: Bags of resources and activity sheets which encourage outside play and physical activity are demonstrated.  16 bags containing a variety of activities can be taken home by parents, returned and exchanged for a new activity to take home and play.

      Play Development team

    Duration: individual sessions 2 hours per session

    Crèche:  N/A children are encouraged to take part

    Accreditation: N/A

  • Reading Readiness 
    The aim is to explore the importance of parents spending time with children and books and share techniques and ideas on how parents can make reading fun


    This has been developed to run in Welsh medium schools – with the focus on helping children read Welsh books.

     - A children’s story book is given to each person on the course.

     - Parents explore benefits of reading with a child.

     - Learn strategies for reading with a child.

     - Make resources such as games, books, prompt cards etc to enhance the story.


    Delivery: Trained LSA or Putting Families First Staff.
    Duration: Five weekly seminars, two hours per session.
    Crèche: Made available whenever possible. 
    Accreditation: Agored Cymru 1 Credit at level 2

  • Ready For Maths 

    This course explores mathematical concepts and how they are taught through the foundation phase activities


     - A children’s story book is given to each person on the course.

     - Parents learn about the concepts and language of mathematics.

     - Learn how to use every day experiences to promote mathematical understanding.

     - Make resources such as games, books, prompt cards etc to enhance the story


    Delivery:  Trained LSA or PFF staff
    Duration: 5 weekly sessions 2 hours per session
     Made available whenever possible
    Accreditation: Agored Cymru 1 Credit at Level 2

  • Relaxation Sessions 
    Delivered over 2 sessions:


    Session 1 for Adults:  Identifying personal stressors and symptoms of stress and offering practical techniques to deal with symptoms.


    Session 2 with Children: Discussing how stress impact on a child and how to help using the mini relax techniques. 


    Delivery:  Judy Coleman

    Duration: 2 sessions

    Crèche: available for the session for adults but children encouraged to take part in the mini relax session

    Accreditation: N/A

  • STEPS to Excellence 
    This is a 5 week, full day course that supports parents to gain confidence, recognise barriers they face and much more.


    Steps to Excellence is a development programme with the reputation of being a powerful tool for improving people's lives. It gives participants the opportunity to take a fresh look at their lives, enables them to see how much they are truly capable of achieving and offers tools to make it happen. Its guiding principle is that people have an unlimited capacity for growth and creativity and can adapt to change. The course looks at how our minds work, which thought patterns make people more successful than others and how we learn to think more effectively.


    The STEPS Course will help you:

     - Feel confident as a parent

     - Feel confident and in control of your personal life

     - Increase your confidence and recognise your skills

     - Recognise and overcome the barriers you face

     - Understand how the mind works and why we think in certain ways

     - Consider your options for education or employment

     - Become aware of the opportunities available to you

     - Set goals for your future


    Delivery: Trained LSA or Putting Families First Staff.
    Duration: Five weekly sessions.
    Crèche: Made available whenever possible. 

  • Supporting Family Life 

    Our course aims to support you to understand your children's behaviours as well as to understand your parenting style. 

    The course will help you:


     - Devise rules and set limits and boundaries

     - Learn about good communication with children

     - Learn about strategies to encourage wanted behaviours

     - Gain an understanding of behaviours linked to a child's development

  • Handling Children's Behaviour 

    This course will help you:


     - Understand the expected stages of development and help you identify your child's development stage.

     - Understand your child's behaviour and why these behaviours might be displayed.

     - Establish good boundaries and rules with strategies to encourage wanted behaviours. 

  • Handling Teenage Behaviour 

    This course will help you:


     - Gain a better understanding of teenage life.

     - Understand your teenager's behaviour and why these behaviours might be displayed.

     - Establish good boundaries and rules with strategies to encourage wanted behaviours. 

  • Baby Massage 

    This course will help you:


     - Understand the benefits of baby massage.

     - Form strong bonds with your baby.

     - Calm baby and get baby settled.

     - Relax baby and use specific techniques to help with colic.

     - Gain an understanding of the best oils to use for massage.

     - Understand your baby's signals and signs. 

  • First Aid (schools programme only)

    Individual sessions teaching Basic First Aid.  The session covers choking and CPR. A 6 hour course is also available when funding allows, which awards an appointed person qualification.


    Delivery:   FAST  

    Duration: individual sessions 2 hours per session (Full accredited course is 3 x 2hr sessions)

    Crèche:  Made available if needed.

    Accreditation: Yes.


Participating Schools


Putting Families First Schools




Cadoxton Primary Rowena Hughes / Tracey Clee - 01446 741518 Wednesdays 9am - 12pm / Thursdays 1pm - 3pm
Oak Field Primary Nicole Schembri - 01446 744606 Fridays 9am - 3pm
Palmerston Primary Janice Jackson - 01446 747393 Tuesdays 9am - 3pm
Ysgol Gwaun Y Nant
Natalie Page - 01446 421723 Wednesdays 9am - 12pm
Parkside Christian Centre Michelle Atkins (C1st) / Sarah Richards (PFF) - 07702 338842

Mondays and Thursdays 



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