Do you want to own a home of your own? Are you unable to afford market prices? Look no further, home ownership could be within reach.


Aspire2Own has been created by the Vale of Glamorgan Council and its partners in recognition that first time buyers can often find it difficult to get onto the first step of the property ladder. It is managed by the Council in partnership with Registered Social Landlords.

 Coming soon to Barry Waterfront

Register for Aspire2Own

To register with Aspire2Own please complete an online registration form. Once you’re registered you can apply for available Aspire2Own properties.


Register Online


Alternatively you can download a registration form:

Please return completed forms to: Housing Strategy Team, Vale of Glamorgan Council, Civic Offices, Holton Road, Barry, CF63 4RU


Wrinstone Drive

Wrinstone Drive, Wenvoe

2 bedroom home for sale.


Wrinstone Drive, Wenvoe

Gwern Close

Gwern Close, Culverhouse Cross

2 bedroom home for sale.


Gwern Close, Culverhouse Cross


Tinkinswood St Nicholas

Tinkinswood, St Nicholas

2 bedroom homes for sale.


Tinkinswood, St Nicholas


Golwg Y Mor

Golwg Y Môr, Rhoose

2 bedroom homes for sale


Golwg Y Môr, Rhoose

Court Close Aberthin

Court Close, Aberthin

2 Bedroom Homes for sale  


Court Close, Aberthin


Reflection at The Quays – Phase 2, Barry

2 Bed End Terrace House 


Reflection at the Quays  




Arno Quay

Arno Quay, Barry

2 Bedroom Flats for Sale (70% of market value)


Arno Quay, Barry

Tusker's Point CGI illustration only

Tusker’s Point, Ogmore-by-Sea

2 bedroom semi-detached house for sale - £182,000* (70% of market value)


Tusker's Point

Houses in Wick

St James Gardens, Wick

2x 2 bedroom “Wincanton” style houses in Beaconsfield 


St James Gardens, Wick

front of house

Tathana’s Court, St Athan

2 and 3 Bedroom Houses for sale at 70% shared equity


Tathana's Court, St Athan

Wenvoe LCHO

Burdons Close, Wenvoe

2 Bedroom Houses for Sale - £129,500 (70% of Market Value)


Burdons Close, Wenvoe

Ashford floor plan

Crompton Way, Ogmore-by-Sea

7  x 2 bed properties - £115,500* (*70% of Market Value)


Crompton Way details


St David's Meadow

St Davids Meadow, Colwinston

1 x 2 Bedroom Terrace House for Sale - £133,000 / 2 x 2 End link Houses for Sale - £140,000


St David's Meadow Details

  • How does low cost home ownership make properties more affordable?

    Most low cost home ownership properties operate on a ‘shared equity’ basis, which offers first time buyers the opportunity to purchase a property at a lower than market value. This reduces the amount of mortgage required to purchase a property. An equity share is retained by a Registered Social Landlord at no extra cost to the buyer. This makes the property more affordable. 
  • What properties are available?
    Properties are most often available on new housing developments. The Council works with Registered Social Landlords to provide low cost home ownership properties on new housing developments in the Vale of Glamorgan. The properties available are advertised on the Council website and in the local press. If you are registered with Aspire2Own you will also receive notification by email of properties becoming available.
  • Why register with Aspire2Own?

    The Aspire2Own scheme is a register of people interested in low cost home ownership opportunities. The information collected, about where people want to live, the size of property they would like and their income helps the Council to plan for new low cost home ownership properties.


    We also use the contact details to make sure that we let interested parties know when low cost home ownership properties become available.