Empty Homes

Empty Homes are properties that have been vacant for a period of more than six months.


A vacant property can attract anti-social behaviour including unauthorised entry, criminal activity, vandalism and fly tipping. If left to deteriorate a vacant property can cause a nuisance and can blight a neighbourhood. 



It is currently estimated that there are approximately 700-800 vacant properties in the Vale of Glamorgan that could be brought back into use and which could help alleviate the demand for affordable housing.

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Interest Free Housing Loans

The Vale of Glamorgan Council in partnership with Welsh Government is providing interest-free loans to improve poor quality housing across the Vale of Glamorgan. The Council are offering a number of interest free loans through the Houses into Homes and Home Improvement Loan schemes. Loans are available to assist owner occupiers and landlords with essential repairs and to assist owners to bring long term empty properties back into use.


Housing Loans


The following are three examples of where the officer has used their skills and knowledge to help property owners bring their properties back in to use to either sell the property or let the property.