Letting an Empty Property

There are many advantages of letting an empty property, it allows you to retain the property and put it to beneficial use, provides you with a monthly income and it increases the value of the property


However, the decision to become a landlord should not be taken lightly. There is an increasing amount of responsibility placed on landlords to ensure that properties are safe for tenants to live in. Every landlord has a duty to ensure s/he are fully aware of the responsibilities.


There are a number of ways of letting and managing your property. It is important to consider how much involvement you want with the property before deciding the best way to proceed.


Become a Landlord Yourself

You may wish to act as the landlord yourself. The law stipulates that there are certain rights and obligations attached to becoming a landlord and it is important that you are aware of these conditions when letting your empty home.


One of the main obligations is to maintain the property and to keep it free from significant hazards, as defined under the Housing Health and Safety Rating System - HHSRS. Don't underestimate the work involved in managing a property. It is important that you understand that becoming a landlord is a business opportunity and must be considered in this context. If you have no business experience and limited time, you should seriously consider if becoming a landlord is a suitable option. 


In Wales, there is a National Landlord Accreditation Scheme which provides existing and prospective landlords with access to training an information. 


Letting Agents

If becoming a landlord sounds like too much work or you only have limited time available to you then you may wish to consider getting somebody else to manage it for you.


There is an industry of managing agents our there who will, for a fee, find tenants, collect rent and maintain the property. There are good and bad managing agents, so it is wise to contact several agencies to discuss their practices and fees before committing yourself.


There are several letting and management agencies in the area who have experience in advising on market rents, finding tenants, drawing up agreements and managing properties. A list of Letting Agents in the Vale of Glamorgan. 



National Approved Letting Scheme   Association of Residential Letting Agencies 


National Association of Estate Agents


Council or Housing Associations:

Most local authorities operate some form of private rented schemes as a way of working with local landlords to provide accommodation for people threatened with homelessness.


Each local authority has a duty to provide assistance and advice to anyone threatened with homelessness. Social housing is a scarce resource and local authorities look to the private sector to provide suitable interim accommodation.


Vale Assisted Tenancy Scheme

The Vale Assisted Tenancy Scheme provides assistance to private rented tenants where they cannot afford to pay the landlord with a deposit. The Vale of Glamorgan Council agrees with the landlord to pay the deposit at the end of the tenancy if there are any issues, however the deposit it retained by the Authority until the end of the tenancy.



Rent Smart Wales


  • 01446 709523 


Housing Associations

Housing Associations are government funded not-for profit organisations that provide affordable housing to those who need it. There are a number of housing associations who operate within The Vale of Glamorgan and who may be interested in leasing your property for a fixed period of time in exchange for guaranteed rental income.


If you'd like some more information on letting an empty property there are plenty of associations and websites that can provide you with some more information: