Homelessness and Housing Advice

Here at the Vale of Glamorgan we want to ensure that all our residents have access to the help and support that they need to live in decent affordable homes.


Whether you are an owner occupier, living with family or friends, hold a Social Housing tenancy or are in private rented accommodation our Housing Solutions Team can offer a bespoke set of options and advice that seeks to address the needs of all our residents.


Together we will develop and agree a Personal Housing Plan (PHP) which will contain a set of reasonable steps, these steps when completed will assist you in resolving your housing difficulties. We can help by:

  • Registering for Homes4u
  • Discussing alternative solutions such as the private sector rental market
  • Mediating with family or Landlords in order to enable you to stay in your own home, where it is appropriate and feasible

Out of Hours Contact

  • 01446 721534


24hr Contact



Using a mobile phone

Book an Appointment

It is extremely important that if you are experiencing difficulties in sustaining your tenancy and are at risk of losing your home and becoming homeless that you seek advice at the earliest opportunity.


Appointments will run on the hour, every hour from 9.00am until 5.00pm Monday - Thursday and every Friday 9.00am - 4.00pm.


Please Note: From the 4 September 2017, the appointments will run on the hour, every hour from 10.00am to 5.00pm Monday – Thursday and 10.00am to 4.00pm on a Friday.  


  • 01446 700111


Information you may need to provide

You may be asked to provide some of the following documentation in order to assess your situation.


Please note: If you have just left the Armed Forces or been released from prison you will need to bring your discharge/release papers

  •  Proof of your identity:

     - Your birth certificate

     - Your passport

     - A document confirming your National Insurance number

     - Your driving licence

     - Your medical card

     - A recent utility bill

     - Any Tenancy Bond reference details

  • Details of you income:

     - Details of any savings you have in the form of bank statements, Building Society book, savings accounts etc

     - Employed: Your last five weeks payslips (or last two monthly payslips) or a letter from your employee giving the gross pay over the last five weeks

    - Unemployed or retired: You will need confirmation of what you are receiving in the form of a pension book or form showing the amount of benefits you receive. 

  •  If you have children:

     - Full birth certificate for any children under the age of five who are included in your application for housing, and either a short or full birth certificate for those over five. 

     - Any divorce or separation papers that show arrangements concerning the children.

  •  If you are pregnant:
     - Your maternity certificate or hospital notes confirming your pregnancy, this should show the estimated due date
  • If you have been renting your home:

     - The tenancy agreement that you were given at the start of the tenancy and any other contract that you were given later

     - If no tenancy or contract was given a rent book or letter from your landlord confirming the tenancy.The notice to vacate that the landlord gave you 

  • If your home is to be sold
    Confirmation from your solicitor of the sale of your property detailing the value of the property, the amount of mortgage still outstanding and the amount of capital you are likely to receive when the property is sold.
  • If legal action is being taken to repossess your home
    The Court summons for possession with details of the application for possession, the court order for possession, and the Bailiffs Warrant for possession if applicable. 
  • If the Home Office is dealing with your application for to stay in the country, or has dealt with one in the past
    Letters from the Immigration and Nationality Department confirming this, or a letter notifying you of the decision of your application.





Shelter Cymru

  • Advice Line – 03450755005 | Cardiff Office – 02920 556120