Castleland Renewal Area

Castleland Renewal Area

The Castleland Renewal Area is a comprehensive Housing and Community Regeneration Scheme.

Castleland Renewal Area

The scheme has a long-term investment programme for housing, community and environmental improvements. 


The Area was declared in April 2010 following the recommendations of a Neighbourhood Renewal Assessment. This demonstrates the Council's commitment to the area and the determination to reverse the decline of the town centre and the surrounding residential area. The Renewal Area has a twelve-year lifetime.


The area extends from the west side of Hill Street to the Gladstone Road junction with Broad Street, and from the shops North of Holton Road to Dock View Road.  It also includes Bendricks Road and part of Hayes Road. The new Renewal Area overlaps with the existing Communities First Area. 


The aims of a Renewal Area are to reverse the decline of the area by improving housing, improving general amenities and their local environment, developing partnerships, increasing community and market confidence and maximising external investment in to the area.


Renewal Area Strategy and Action Plan

The Castleland Renewal Area Strategy and Action Plan was prepared following a comprehensive Housing and Town Centre Living Study undertaken by Council consultants during 2007 and 2008.  The Strategy and Action Plan was designed to determine a programme of action and investment during the lifetime of the Renewal Area:



Strategy and Action Plan Themes

The Housing and Town Centre Living Study analysed a range of information and data relating to housing conditions, environmental conditions, the town centre shopping area and the upper part of Holton Road. 


As part of this analysis the study undertook consultation with residents, landlords, business owners and visitors to Holton Road to gather opinion on issues within the area.  The Strategy and Action Plan recognises work will be focused on four themes:

  • Housing
  • Environment
  • Town Centre
  • Community and Social Initiatives


1.  Housing Improvements Publicity

Housing improvements were carried out between August 2011 and November 2014. During this period  the following initiatives were utilised:



2.  Environmental Projects


3.  Town Centre

The regeneration programme has now moved on to the upper section of Holton Road. To support and help grow confidence in the businesses and the street, the Council has made grant aid available to encourage owners to improve the appearance of their properties and to assist the owners of vacant properties to return them to use by converting vacant commercial properties into residential use.



4.  Community and Social Initiatives


Renewal Area Newsletters

Newsletters are distributed throughout the Castleland Renewal Area each year providing information on topical subjects.  Issues one to three were produced jointly by the Castleland Renewal Area Team and the Castleland Communities First Partnership.



Archived Publicity


Barry Town Centre Living Study and Neighbourhood Renewal Assessment Report


Renewal Area Manager – (for Housing enquiries)

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Principal Regeneration Officer – (for Town Centre enquiries) 

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Barry Communities First - Website

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Councillor Pamela Drake

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Councillor Chris Elmore

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