Free Wood Chippings

The Vale of Glamorgan Council provides free wood chippings for residents in the Vale


The wood chip may be collected from the Court Road Depot, Barry Road on the last Sunday of each month, apart from December.


Wood Chippings

You will need your own suitable containers and will also have to wear protective gloves and footwear when collecting the chippings.


As we have undertaken a new composting contract we have ceased providing free compost for the immediate future. We will communicate any changes as soon as we have further information


Collection Dates and Times

Last Sunday of the month, 10.00am - 2.00pm


Please note: There is no collection day in December


  • Sunday 28 January
  • Sunday 25 February
  • Sunday 25 March
  • Sunday 29 April 
  • Sunday 27 May
  • Sunday 24 June
  • Sunday 29 July
  • Sunday 26 August
  • Sunday 30 September 
  • Sunday 28 October
  • Sunday 25 November