Register a Birth

When you attend birth registration appointment, please bring along your ‘hospital discharge papers’ together with any identification documents that you may have to help ensure the accuracy of the information that we record for you e.g. passport, birth/marriage certificate(s), change of name document(s).

If these documents are not readily available the registrar can still proceed with the birth registration.



Book an Appointment

The registration will require a personal visit to a Register Office. You can either book an appointment online or by phone:


Book Online


If you would like to register the birth bilingually in Welsh and English, please contact the Registrar's office:

  • 01446 709166 / 01446 709167


Please Note: For security reasons, this system will time-out after 20 minutes. Please complete your booking within that time or the information you have entered will be lost, and you will have to start again


The registrar will ask for the following information:

About the Baby

  • Date and place of baby’s birth*
  • Sex of the child
  • Forename(s) and Surname in which it is intended that the child will be brought up.

 * If the baby is one of a multiple birth, the time of each baby’s birth will also be needed by the registrar.

About the Father - (if his details are to be entered in the register) 

  • Forename(s) and Surname (including any other names known by)
  • Date and place of birth
  • Occupation, or if unemployed, last occupation
  • Present Address

About the Mother

  • Forename(s) and Surname (including any other names known by)
  • Maiden name if the mother is, or has been, married
  • Date and place of birth
  • Address at time of baby’s birth
  • Occupation, or if unemployed last occupation
  • Present address
  • Date of Marriage, if married to the child's father at the time of the birth
  • Number of previous children

The register is a Legal Document. It is therefore vital that the information recorded in the register is correct. 


Please ensure you check all the information recorded in the register very carefully before you sign. If at any time you discover an error has been made in an entry, you should contact us as soon as possible.


Warning: Any person who knowingly and wilfully gives false information to a registrar for insertion in a Birth Register, or makes a false declaration for the purposes of the registration of a Birth is liable to prosecution for perjury.



Birth Certificates

Once the registrar has completed the registration you will be issued with a free short birth certificate which shows the baby’s name, date of birth and district of birth.


After registering the birth you will be given the opportunity to buy a standard birth certificate, which includes the parents’ details. The certificate may be required for a range of administrative purposes, particularly passport applications.


The certificate is a certified copy of the entry in the birth register.


  • Standard (full) birth certificate at the time of registration: £4.00
  • Standard (full) birth certificate the following day: £7.00
  • Standard (full) birth certificate once the register containing the birth entry is deposited with the Superintendent Registrar, approximately a month after the registration: £10.00


We accept payment by cash, cheque, postal order and debit/credit card. Please make cheques payable to: 'The Superintendent Registrar'


Certificate fees are set by statute and reviewed annually.


  • What is a certified copy?
    A Certified copy (Birth, Death, Stillbirth or Marriage certificate) is an exact copy of a register entry. Certified copies are issued by the registrar, and should be used for all legal and evidential purposes. These certificates are printed on water marked paper and are subject to © Crown Copyright, this means they should not be photocopied.
  • Can I register the birth bilingually?

    If you would like to have the birth registered in both English and Welsh please discuss this with the customer service operator when you telephone to book an appointment. Please note that bilingual registrations are not available in England.
  • What do I do if I don’t speak English very well? 

    If English is not your first language and you would like someone to help you with the registration, please ask a relative or friend to accompany you to the Register Office.


    Please remember you must register the birth personally. You cannot ask a relative or friend to attend instead of you.

  • What if one or both parents are not British?

    Where one or both parents are NOT British you should contact the relevant Embassy or Consul in this country after registering the birth. If you have any queries regarding British Nationality for a child, you should contact:


    Home Office

    Nationality Division

    3rd Floor India Building

    Water Street


    L2 OQN

  • How soon must I register the baby’s birth?

    By law a baby’s birth must be registered within 42 days of the date of birth.


    Please contact your local Register Office before attending to register, as you may need to make an appointment. Please allow 30 minutes for the registration.

  • Who should register the birth?

    If the parents of the child are married to each other at the time of the birth or conception, either parent can register the birth. If the parents are not married to each other at the time of the birth or conception, the father or parent’s details can only be recorded if both parents attend together. If this is not possible, please telephone your local Register Office for advice. Unmarried fathers can get equal Parental Responsibility for their children.


    If the father’s details are not entered at the time of registration, it may be possible for this to be done at a later date by re-registration. Please contact your local Register Office for more information.


    Although the majority of births are registered by parents, in exceptional circumstances the registration may be undertaken by someone else. Please contact your local Register Office to discuss.

  • Baby born outside the Vale of Glamorgan

    If your child was born outside the Vale of Glamorgan you can register the birth at the Register Office in the district where the birth occurred and sign the actual register yourself.


    Certificates will be issued to you in person at the time of registration. Alternatively, you can complete and sign paperwork at the Vale of Glamorgan Register Office and register by "declaration".


    The declaration is then sent to the district where the birth occurred and written into the register without your presence. Certificates are then issued to you by post.


If you require any assistance when registering please discuss your needs with a registrar when you telephone to book an appointment:

  • 01446 700111



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