Naming Ceremony

A Naming Ceremony is a special way of celebrating your child's birth or to welcome new family members through adoption or marriage into an extended family.


It does not have any legal status and does not replace the statutory requirement to register your child's birth. You will need to produce a birth certificate before a ceremony can be booked.


It also offers a unique opportunity to:

  • Welcome a child/children into the community
  • Affirm a duty of care to a child/children in front of witnesses of close family and friends
  • Appoint supporting adults who will promise a special responsibility for the child/children


Please Note: The ceremony cannot be used to change a child’s forename unless you have authority to do so. In some circumstances, it is necessary for the Courts to authorise a change of forename. If you are uncertain whether you may change your child’s forename, you must seek legal advice before booking a ceremony. Changing the Birth Record


The ceremony is secular in nature and cannot contain any religious reference.



Specially written ceremonies are available containing choices to make your Naming Ceremony unique with special meaning to your family.


The following elements can be included in a ceremony:


Standard Elements

  • Welcome
  • Reading
  • Naming Ceremony
  • Parents' Promises
  • Supporters' Promises
  • Closing Words

Additional elements

  • Reasons for the Names
  • Hopes for the Future
  • Parents' Vows to each other
  • Grandparents' Promises
  • Absent Guests
  • Further Reading

The ceremony usually lasts between 15 minutes and half an hour, depending on the number of elements.


Costs include an initial booking meeting, a pre-ceremony discussion meeting, the attendance of one of our specially trained Celebrants on the day and a "Record of Ceremony Certificate " for you to keep as a reminder of the special occasion.

  • Monday - Friday: £215.00
  • Saturday, Sundays and Bank Holidays: £295.00

These charges are set by the Local Authority and reviewed annually.


Please Note: There will also be a cost for the venue which you must negotiate direct with the premise owners.

Arrange a Ceremony

If you would like to arrange a ceremony, or would like further information/advice please contact the Superintendent Registrar:


Vale of Glamorgan Register Office

Civic Offices

Holton Road


CF63 4RU

  • Who can be named?

    Whilst a Naming Ceremony is normally performed for babies, children of any age are eligible. Siblings may also be included in the same ceremony at no extra cost.
  • When can a ceremony take place?

    You will need to discuss your specific requirements regarding timing of a ceremony with the Register Office.
  • Where can ceremonies be held?

    Naming ceremonies can take place at most of the venues approved for marriage and civil partnership ceremonies within the Vale of Glamorgan. It is also possible to hold ceremonies at the Register Office. In certain circumstances, it may be possible for the ceremony to take place in local public places, e.g. restaurants or public houses, please contact the Superintendent Registrar to discuss.
  •  Will the Celebrant issue a certificate?

    A commemorative certificate recording the ceremony is provided. The certificate is signed by the parents, supporting adults and the Celebrant performing the ceremony.


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