Civil Partnership

The Civil Partnership Act 2004 came into effect on 05 December 2005. Details of the legal requirements for Registering a Civil Partnership


The information included on these pages is for general guidance purposes only and is not a complete or exhaustive explanation of the civil partnership Laws of England and Wales.


A civil partnership is a legally binding contract between two people of the same sex. It provides for same sex couples to form a partnership, recognised in law, to become next-of-kin to one another, and to enjoy the same rights and privileges awarded to married couples.


  • Couple must be of the same sex.
  • You must not be in an existing marriage or civil partnership
  • You must be over 18 years of age.
  • If under 18, but over 16, you must bring written consent from a parent or legal guardian.

If one or both parties do not hold British or EEC citizenship they must seek Home Office approval before giving notice. If one or both parties do not hold British or EEC citizenship they must seek Home Office approval before giving notice.


Register your Intention

Couples need to register their intention to form a civil partnership allowing 15 clear days before the partnership can be formed. 


Once the waiting period has elapsed, the couple sign a legal document in the presence of a civil partnership registrar and two witnesses.


There is no requirement to have a ceremony but the Vale of Glamorgan offers ceremonies in both the Register Office and our Approved Premises.


Dyffryn Gardens

There is a diverse range of licensed venues including castles, listed buildings, gardens, a lighthouse, vineyard, Grecian temple plus many more.


Approved Premises

Book our Attendance 

We are happy to make a provisional booking for those couples who wish to plan well in advance. 


To book our attendance at your wedding please contact:


  • 01446 700111

The Register Office

The main ceremony room is the Corporate Suite which can seat approximately 80 people. There are also two other rooms available for civil partnerships.


Please check that it is suitable for yourselves or your guests.

  The Ceremony


Civil partnerships contracted in Approved Premises are only lawful if the building has been granted a licence by the local authority. Licences are only valid for three years. You must ensure, therefore, that the Approved Premise has a licence that is still valid on the day of your civil partnership.

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