Register an Overseas Death

If a British citizen or member of the British Armed Forces dies abroad, a death certificate is issued by the relevant authorities in the country concerned.


This document is usually acceptable for all official purposes although it may need to be translated into English or Welsh, as appropriate. The General Register Office (GRO) is not automatically notified or sent copy certificates.


Please Note: It may be possible for the death to be registered by the British Consul or High Commission in the country where it happened, this does not happen automatically and the relatives of the deceased must request it.


If the person was a serving member of the British Armed Forces, his or her commanding officer can also request it. A British Armed Forces registration, as long as it takes place within 12 months, may be made by the Forces Registering Officer. However, there are some countries where it is not possible to register with the British authorities. Please contact GRO Overseas Section to discuss.


The advantage of registering with the British authorities is that a record of the death will be sent to the GRO within 12 months, after which time they hold a permanent record. This also means death certificates can be provided by the GRO.


Register with British Authorities

If you would like to arrange for a death that has taken place overseas to be registered with the British authorities, or have any further queries, please contact the GRO’s Overseas Section at:


Foreign and Commonwealth Office

Consular Division

King Charles Street




  • 0207 008 0186

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