Building Regulations - Exemptions


There are a number of classes of new buildings or extensions of existing buildings that do not need Building Regulations approval - subject to certain criteria on size, construction and position relative to boundaries being met.  The following are examples of such buildings and extensions. Please note that they may require planning permission.

  • garden sheds
  • summer-houses
  • domestic garages
  • greenhouses
  • conservatories
  • porches
  • covered way
  • covered yards
  • carports


The construction of a new attached carport, open on at least 2 sides, would not normally require Building Regulations if it is less than 30m2 in floor area. Construction of a detached garage less then 30m2 would not normally require Building Regulations approval, subject to certain criteria.



Small detached buildings including garden sheds, stores and workshops are exempt providing they have a floor area less than 15m2 and contain no sleeping accommodation.

If floor area is between 152 and 30m2 you will not normally require Building Regulations providing that the building is either at least 1m from the boundary or it is constructed of substantially non-combustible material.


Windows & doors

If you want to replace broken, fogged double glazing units, rotten sashes or rotten sections of the main frame members, Building Regulations will not apply.



Construction of a porch built at ground level under 30m2 in floor area is normally exempt from the need to make an application provided that the glazing and any fixed electrical installation complies with the applicable requirements of the Building Regulations.



Conservatories and porches are exempt from the Regulations provided;

  • they have a floor area less than 30m2
  • the glazing complies with Part N of the regulations (i.e. protection against impact)
  • they are single storey
  • they are built at ground level
  • the heating from the dwelling is not extended into the conservatory


A printable information sheet is also available to download here.


Further Information on exemptions is available on the Planning Portal



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