Commercial Waste Collection Dates

You will need to consider your waste storage. Depending on how much waste your business produces you could either consider a bag or wheeled bin. 


Whatever the case, you will need to register to be included in our service. If you think you need a wheelie bin (available for refuse and cardboard and plastic recycling in main retail areas) please contact us.


Refuse and Recycling collection schedule

Whilst this is not an exhaustive list and there may be exceptions, this should hopefully give you an idea by area of collection dates.


All refuse must be left out by 7.00am in a blue bags on the kerbside of the premises - View Business Waste Charges.


Refuse Collection Dates
Commercial Refuse
Area Possible collection days
Barry (Main commercial areas: Holton Road, High Street, Broad Street) Monday, Wednesday & Friday
Cowbridge Monday & Thursday
Dinas Powys Monday, Wednesday & Thursday
Llantwit Major Monday & Thursday
Penarth Monday, Wednesday & Friday
Rural Vale** Monday - Friday
Recycling Collection Dates
Commercial Recycling
 Area  Possible collection days
 Barry (Main commercial areas: Holton Road, High Street, Broad Street) Wednesday / Thursday
 Cowbridge Monday
 Dinas Powys Tuesday
 Llantwit Major Monday
 Penarth** Thursday / Friday
 Rural Vale** Monday / Tuesday


* Note that Barry Island may have weekday daily collections during the summer season.

** Collection day same day as domestic schedule