Deposit Local Development Plan and Associated Documents

Following the decision of Council on 23rd October 2013, the Vale of Glamorgan Deposit Local Development Plan 2011-2026 and associated documents underwent a formal 6 week public consultation ending at 5pm on Friday 20th December 2013.


The following is a list of key Deposit LDP documents, background evidence and other National, Regional and Local supporting documents which were considered by Council on 23rd October 2013.


Consultation Documents 

Other Documents

Background Papers



Supporting Documents

Other Local Supporting Documents





Charges for Deposit LDP and Associated Consultation Documents

If you wish to purchase a paper copy or CD of the Deposit LDP consultation documents please contact the LDP team on 01446 700111 or email

Please note that the following charges will apply:

  • Deposit LDP Written Statement including Proposals and Constraints maps £50.00
  • Sustainability Appraisal Report £165.00
  • Habitats Regulations Assessment (Appropriate Assessment) Report £20.00
  • Initial Consultation Report £130.00
  • Draft Equality Impact Assessment £7.50
  • LDP Background Papers (each) £7.50
  • CD containing all of the above documents £10.00


If you require further information on the emerging LDP please contact the LDP team at:
The Docks Office

Barry Docks


Vale of Glamorgan

CF63 4RT

Telephone: 01446 700111

E mail: