Focused Changes Representations Register

This Representations Register provides a copy of the duly made representations that were received by the Council during the Deposit LDP public consultation which took place from 24th July 2015 to 4th September 2015.


Individual representations have been ordered by representation number (which you may have previously received if you have been in correspondence with the Council regarding the LDP).


An index list of representors names, organisations (where applicable) and their ID numbers is provided below. If you do not know the ID number please search the list below to find the relevant representation number and corresponding volume number. When the volume is opened, bookmarks will appear on the left hand side which will direct you to the desired representation.


This document provides a factual record of the representations received on the Focused Changes proposed to the Deposit LDP and these will be considered as part of the LDP Examination in Public. A full list of the proposed Focused and Minor Changes and a copy of the Deposit LDP Written Statement as amended by the Focused Changes can be found in the Examination Library.


Please note that every effort has been made to redact personal information such as addresses, signatures and other contact details.


Should you require any further assistance, please contact the Programme Officer or the LDP Team on:


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