Hearing Session 12:

Settlement Boundaries and Green Wedge


Thursday 10 March 2016

The Board Room, Dock Offices, Barry, CF63 4RT


Matters and Issues Agenda


Hearing Session 1
Rep ID Representor Name (Agent) Statement Attended
Settlement Boundaries 
  Council Hearing Statement  Yes 
4679 Welsh Government Hearing Statement Yes
Green Wedge
  Council   Yes 
 4679 Welsh Government Hearing Statement  Yes
80 Robin Simpson - Campaign for Protection of Rural Wales   No 
 170 Barry & Vale Friends of The Earth (Max Wallis)   No
 2036 Mr A M Seel Hearing Statement  No 
2272 Sully & Lavernock Community Council   No 
 2514 Mr R Reader (Andrew Muir, Harmers Limited)   -

Mr Huw Turner - Associated British Ports South Wales (Andrew Lucas, RPS Planning & Development)

Hearing Statement  -
 4648 Mr & Mrs D Stevens (Laurence Forse, Harmers Limited)   -
 4793 Ewenny Priory Estates (Geraint John, Geraint John Planning) Hearing Statement  -
4798 Mr Michael Garland   -
4884 Mrs Merry Metcalf  
4943  Taylor Wimpey Plc (Asbri Planning) Hearing Statement Yes 
 5159 Mr James Regan   No 
5735 Marianne Sullivan  
5849 Cllr R A Penrose Hearing Statement  Yes 
5887 Mr Michael Shepperdson   -
 5893 DPFRAPED   No
 5915 Protect the Vale/Stop the Spur Campaign (Andrew Muir, Harmers Limited)    
5918 Mr I Barlow   No
 6088 Giles Metcalf    -
 6133 Gareth Clubb   No
 6178 Mr Gary McDonald (Treharne-Jones Associates Ltd)   No
6204 Dr Sharon Hopkins - Cardiff & Vale University Health Board (Paul Vining, WYG) Hearing Statement  Yes

Matters Arising Documents


Matters Arising Documents
 Ref Document Name   Submitted by
HS12 Action Points - Hearing Session 12: Settlement Boundaries & Green Wedge Inspector/Council
HS12/AP1 Action Point 1 of Hearing Session 12 Council
HS12/AP2 Action Point 2 of Hearing Session 12 Council
HS12/AP3 Action Point 3 of Hearing Session 12 Council
HS12/AP4 Action Point 4 of Hearing Session 12 (ED41) Council
HS12/AP5 Action Point 5 of Hearing Session 12 (ED46) Council
HS12/AP6 Action Point 6 of Hearing Session 12 Council







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