Hearing Session 25:

Gypsy and Travellers (2)


Wednesday 25January 2017

The Board Room, Dock Offices, Barry , CF63 4RT


Matters and Issues Agenda


Hearing Session 4
Rep ID  Representor Name (Agent)  Statement Attending
  Council Hearing Statement Yes
 4679 Welsh Government Position Statement  No 
 3726 Mr Richard Mann  Hearing Statement Yes
 4126 Llangan Action (Pete Sulley, Barton Willmore)  Hearing Statement Yes
 5122 Llangan Community Council

Hearing Statement


 5849 Cllr R A Penrose  Hearing Statement Yes
 5872 Cllr Kevin Mahoney    Yes
 7408 Mr William Carroll (Mr Richard Mann)  Hearing Statement Yes


Matters Arising Documents


Matters Arising Documents
 Ref Document Name  Submitted by
HS25 Action Points - Hearing Session 25: Gypsy & travellers (2) Inspector/Council



Action Points 1 & 2 of Hearing Session 25 Council


Action Point 3 of Hearing Session 25 Council




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