LDP Sustainability Appraisal 

LDP Sustainability Report

Consultation on the Council’s Sustainability Appraisal Draft Scoping report was undertaken between the 12 February and the 19 March 2007.


Responses to the consultation exercise and proposed amendments to the scoping report were reported to the Council’s Cabinet on the 6 June 2007.


The Approved Scoping Report outlines the initial stage of the Sustainability Appraisal process and establishes the sustainability context and the baseline information for the Vale of Glamorgan. In addition it sets out the sustainability objectives against which the LDP will be assessed during its preparation.


Prior to drafting the Scoping Report, the Council held an external stakeholder workshop with the environmental consultation bodies and relevant stakeholders on 11 October 2006. In addition, an internal officer workshop was held on 19 October 2006 to further discuss the findings of the external stakeholder workshop. You can view the findings of the workshops below.