Vale of Glamorgan Local Development Plan (LDP)


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The Vale of Glamorgan Council is preparing a new Local Development Plan (LDP), which will set out how land within the Vale of Glamorgan is used between 2011 and 2026.

 LDP Deposit Plan

Deposit Plan

Following the decision of Council on 23rd October 2013|, the Vale of Glamorgan Deposit Local Development Plan 2011 - 2026 and associated documents underwent a formal 6 week public consultation ending at 5pm on Friday 20th December 2013.

View the Deposit LDP and Associated Documents|


The Deposit LDP Representations Register| contains a copy of the responses made during this consultation.


Alternative Sites

Following the public consultation on the Deposit Local Development Plan, the Council consulted on the site allocation representations that were received. These are suggested sites that individuals and organisations consider should be allocated in the Plan; removed from the Plan or amended in some way. The Alternative Sites public consultation took place over the 6 week period from Thursday 20th March and ending on Thursday 1st May 2014.


Further explanation on the alternative sites stage can be found in the Alternative Sites Register| which lists all suggested alternative sites. The Alternative Sites Representations Register| contains a copy of the responses made during this consultation.


What Happens Next?

On 1st June 2015 Cabinet| considered responses to the representations made to both the Deposit and Alternative Site Plan Stages. Comments from Community Liaison, Planning Committee and Economy and Environment Scrutiny Committee will be considered at Cabinet on 22nd June before the LDP Report is considered at Council on 24th June.

If approved the LDP will then be submitted to Welsh Government where an independent Planning Inspector will be appointed to conduct an Examination into the soundness of the Plan. The Inspector will then produce a report on the Plan which the Council must implement. The Plan will then be formally adopted by the Council and made widely available. A copy of the LDP Delivery Agreement timetable can be viewed below.


What is the Local Development Plan?

The Vale of Glamorgan Deposit Local Development Plan 2011 - 2026| has now been prepared and is based on the information gathered at previous stages of the LDP process and has regard to the responses to the Draft Preferred Strategy consultation in January / February 2008.


The Plan sets out the vision, objectives, strategy and policies for managing development in the Vale of Glamorgan, and contains a number of local planning policies and makes provision for the use of land for the purposes of housing, employment, retailing, recreation, transport, tourism, minerals, waste, and community uses. It also seeks to identify the infrastructure that will be required to meet the growth anticipated in the Vale of Glamorgan up to 2026, and provides a monitoring framework for assessing the effectiveness of the Plan.


The Deposit LDP is accompanied by a Proposals Map| (PDF) and a Constraints Map| (PDF).

You can also use an Interactive Proposals Map| to view the proposals.


Delivery Agreement


The Council has produced a Delivery Agreement|, which sets out the timetable for the preparation of the Plan together with a Community Involvement Scheme that describes how and when stakeholders, including the general public, can get involved.


The Council is required to keep the LDP timetable under regular review and in May 2014 sought agreement from the Welsh Government (WG) to amend it following the Deposit LDP public consultation in accordance with Welsh Government Guidance.


The amended LDP timetable was agreed by WG on the 23rd May 2014 and has been incorporated into the Delivery Agreement (Revised May 2014).


Paper copies of the Delivery Agreement (Revised May 2014) will also be made available at various deposit locations| across the Vale of Glamorgan.


The Welsh Government has also published a document entitled Planning Your Community| (July 2006) which seeks to encourage community involvement in the new Local Development Plan process in Wales.


If you require further information on the emerging LDP please contact the LDP team at:

The Docks Office

Barry Docks


Vale of Glamorgan

CF63 4RT

Telephone: 01446 700111

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