You and Your New Baby


Being born is a tiring time for your baby, and the best way to help your baby adapt to his or her new environment is to hold him close in skin-to-skin contact. No matter how you choose to feed your baby, spending some time in skin-to-skin contact is a simple step that every mother or father can take to welcome their baby into the world. Your baby is already aware of things going on around them – they can see and hear you and will enjoy that close contact.


Holding, smiling and talking to your baby helps develop a strong relationship with both parents and helps them to feel secure and loved.



For more information on support for you and your baby, including feeding and sleeping, visit the 'Bump, Baby and Beyond' websites below:


Bump, Baby & Beyond   NHS Direct Wales - Your new baby Parenting. Give It Time


Registering the Birth

This is a busy time for you but it is a legal requirement for you to register your child's birth within 42 days of the date of birth. You can now book an appointment online or contact the Registrar's office: 01446 709166 or 709167. For more information on who should register the birth and what you need, please visit the Birth's web pages:


Birth Registration



Vaccination is a way of protecting against serious diseases. Vaccinations are quick, safe and extremely effective. Once your child has been vaccinated against a disease, their body can fight it more effectively. If a child isn't vaccinated, they will have an increased risk of catching the illness.


There are a number of vaccinations that your baby will have. Your doctor’s surgery or clinic will automatically send you an appointment for you to bring your baby for their vaccination. Most surgeries and health centres run special immunisation or baby clinics. If you can’t get to the clinic, contact your surgery to make another appointment. All childhood vaccinations are free. The NHS Wales Direct website has lots of information and a timeline of all immunisations:


NHS Wales Direct



It is important that you are aware of any financial help you may be entitled to when pregnant and after your baby is born. See our section on Financial Help:


Financial Help


Groups and ActivitiesFamily Information Service logo

There are lots of parent & toddler groups, baby groups and classes and sessions taking place in the Vale. Our Family Information Service can provide you with this information as well as a whole host of information and advice about childcare, activities for children and young people and family support services. You can contact us directly or search our database:


Support Services

Flying StartFlying-Start

The Flying Start programme supports families to give children a better start in life. The programme is available in certain areas of Barry and provides childcare, parenting support, language and play, health visiting and midwifery. Find out if you live in the area by visiting their web page:


Two in Mind

Two in Mind provides early resources to help mums and dads with their emotional wellbeing and mental health as they transition into parenthood. The website includes factsheets, digital stories from other parents, links to other organisations and a free online cognitive behaviour therapy course, helping mums and dads make positive changes in their lives and start to enjoy new parenthood. Two in Mind is part of Mind Cymru and funded by the Welsh Government:


Two in Mind


Barry Communities First

Communities First is a government funded programme which aims to improve the health, learning and prosperity of residents in parts of the following areas of Barry:

  • ButtrillsBarry Communities First
  • Cadoc
  • Castleland
  • Court
  • Gibbonsdown 

 They run various projects and activities. To find out if you live in the area, visit their web pages:


Parenting Support

Our Family Information Service has a Family Support Directory containing details of local services supporting families. This has been transferred to the Dewis Cymru website:


Dewis Logo