Books to Help Children and Families


The Child and Family Bibliotherapy Scheme provides a range of books tackling common issues in family life. For example issues around:

  • Anger,
  • behaviours,
  • bereavement,
  • bullying,
  • divorce,
  • potty training,
  • step-families and much more.

These self-help books have been reviewed and recommended by professionals.

They are available from all libraries in the Vale. If you are a member of the library, you can request the book. However, if you are not a member of the library, you can contact the Family Information Service, who will complete a request form for you and post it to you. You can then take this into the library.

All professionals you work with will be able to complete a request form for you.



Child and Family Bibliotherapy Scheme, Vale of Glamorgan, Tel: 02920 715 593

Or the Family Information Service, Tel: 01446 704704