Coping with Loss

Whether the loss has happened as a result of death, moving away, separation, imprisonment or divorce, it is a painful experience for those involved. 


There could be feelings of sadness, guilt, despair, anger or loneliness and this can be difficult for anybody to handle. However, as teenagers are also going through so many other additional changes as well, it can be a particularly intense experience for them.


Amongst others, the loss could result in the young person losing their primary care giver, their home, having to change schools and friends and their normal routine being uprooted. As a result, their emotions and behaviour can be negatively affected which can be challenging to both them and those around them.


Similarly to most other issues, communication and support are key. Encourage the young person to talk about how they are feeling, their thoughts on what has happened and its impact upon them. Try to do this without imparting YOUR feelings onto them as this could cause them to withhold their own feelings. Try to remember that grief can affect people in many ways but try to maintain that eventually, the young person will learn to manage their loss in their own way.


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