Social Workers

Your social worker will visit you, about once every six weeks, to see how you are getting on in your foster home and to answer any of your questions.


He/she will be able to offer you support while you are living in care and help if you have any problems or need advice or information.


Your social worker will also contact your foster family to see how they feel things are going.


Your social worker will let your foster family have some details about you before they meet you, and they will keep your foster family up-to-date with any changes.


Your social worker will be able to talk to you about having contact with your parents and brothers and sisters, and may take you to contact sessions with your birth family.


If you have any problems at school or with your health, he/she can act on your behalf to sort these out. They can also help you to apply for passports or bank accounts and to complete forms.


When you are ready to leave care your social worker will be able to introduce you to another worker from a team called the ‘Leaving Care Team.’ At this point, your social worker and your foster family will be working with you on becoming more independent and how to manage daily living skills.  Your leaving Care worker will agree a plan with you for what you will do once you reach the age of 18.  They may help you find further education, training or a job.


While you are in care your social worker can help you to make a complaint if you feel you need to.