Mission Statement and Values

The Vale of Glamorgan Youth Service believes that young people regardless of race, ability, sexuality, gender, geography, creed or colour represent our most valuable resource.


We will establish partnerships with agencies, to ensure that young people will be given high quality provision offering positive choices and opportunities during their transition to adulthood in order to achieve their potential as empowered individuals, through participation in education initiatives that address issues affecting them.



  • To establish and work in partnership with the people of the Vale of Glamorgan, to promote their personal, educational, social and cultural development.
  • To cater for identified learning needs, and to pay special attention to those young people and adults whose learning needs are most severe.
  • To become a service whose systems and contents are negotiated with participants, and a service for which participants share responsibility
  • To provide opportunities for young people and professionals to develop decision – making skills in matters, which affect themselves and their peers, and to understand and participate in the democratic process.



Vale of Glamorgan Youth Service Values

The development of the Youth service will be based on the National Youth Work Strategy (2000) and the extending Entitlement Agenda (2007), which will support all that we do, by making sure that:

  • Each young person will be encouraged and enabled to develop their own individual potential and abilities.
  • Each young person will be treated fairly and with respect, and will have equality of opportunity and access to education and training.
  • Each young person will be supported to fulfil their responsibility to continue their learning and development through their life.
  • Expectations and standards of achievement will be set at a high level for all, but all attainment will be recognised and celebrated as the key to raising self esteem.
  • All learning will encouraged to make an active contribution to promoting the social and economic well-being of their local community, in order to extend to others the benefits they have achieved.
  • Services provided to learners will be related to their identified needs and aspirations, and will be accountable to users and stakeholders.
  • Services will be flexible, responsive, and open to change, as new needs and requirements are identified.
  • All services provision will be based on the principles of ‘value for money’ by ensuring the efficient and effective use of limited resources to meet agreed objectives, and of the promotion of continuous quality improvements.
  •  Key decisions making processes will be open and capable of being influenced by service users and stakeholders.