The Rollers Project

The Rollers is a Vehicle packed with Mobile Skate Ramps which can go from location to location where it can provide or enhance opportunities for young people to skate and be active. 


Main Office location:Provincial House, Kendrick Road, Barry, CF62 8BF


The rollers project forms part of the Vale Youth Street Team- this team operates 52 weeks a year across the Vale of Glamorgan, ensuring there is something available during the school holidays when normal youth provision is closed.


The Vale Youth Street team links together the detached team, the mobile youth provision and Rollers to offer communities much more activity and services. 


What We Do:

  •     We create a Youth Village in parks across the Vale
  • Work in different locations of the Vale depending on space and equipment
  • Support young people through their transition from childhood to adulthood using ramps as a way to keep fit and exercise
  • Offer an open access provision for all young people aged 10-25yrs old in each location we visit
  • Opportunity to be involved in local events and projects linked to boarding, skates, and bikes
  • We offer a fun environment to ‘hang out’ within the community as part of a youth village, especially when we link on to existing skate parks to make things bigger and better
  • Via activities and sessions we promote their personal, educational, social and cultural development.
  •   we attend local community events to promote the work of the Vale Youth Service 
  • We provide opportunities for young people and professionals to develop decision – making skills in matters, which affect themselves and their peers, and to understand and participate in the democratic process.



If you are interested in finding out more information please give us a call direct or alternatively check us out on our social media as daily we will promote where we are and what we are doing.  


Get in Touch

If you require further information about the team or projects please contact Rhys Jones, Commnuity Cohesion Officer:


  • 01446 745820

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