Casual Vacancies

Casual Vacancies occur when there is a vacant position to become a Councillor in a particular area of the Vale of Glamorgan.


There are two ways in which a person can be chosen to fill a Casual Vacancy:

  • By co-option - This is when the Community Council Members fill the position without a public election.
  • Having a By-election - This is when there is an election and the general public, living in the community, must decide who to elect/vote for.


Casual Vacancy Process

When a vacancy arises on a Town/Community Council due to a Councillor’s death, disqualification or resignation, the process to fill the vacancy is as follows:


Step 1:  The Town/Community Council notify the Returning Officer, at The Vale of Glamorgan Council Electoral Registration Office, of the vacancy.

Step 2:  The Returning Officer will then display a Casual Vacancy Notice. This notice is displayed in the Civic Offices reception area, on the Vale of Glamorgan Council website and at the Town/Community Council building for the specific area relating to the vacancy.


Casual Vacancy Notices



Step 3:  The Casual Vacancy Notice runs for 14 days from the date the notice is displayed and gives the general public, living in that area, the opportunity to call for a By-election.

Step 4:  If ten or more electors (members of the public) call for a By-election then an election is organised by the Electoral Registration Office and a Notice of Election is displayed.


At this stage, any person interested in filling the vacancy should contact the Electoral Registration Office for a candidate pack.


The cost of a By-election is covered by the Town/Community Council.


If a By-election is not called then the Town/Community Council is notified by the Returning Officer to fill the position by co-option as soon as is practicable.





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