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Did you know we are a separate department from Council Tax?

Therefore, you need to register with us separately even if you have notified Council Tax.


If it's Council Tax you need, please visit their pages for further information.

Your Electoral Overview

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1:  Elections & Referendums

Getting things ready for you to vote.


Did you know?

There are several different types of election:

  • General/Parliamentary
  • European
  • Welsh Assembly
  • Police & Crime Commission
  • Local

Each Election gives you the opportunity to appoint a person who will make positive changes effecting your every day life.


Each Referendum gives you the opportunity to have your say on a particular question raised by the UK government.


To help you have your say we will:

  • send poll cards to all residents who are registered and entitled to vote.
  • publish any relevant notices so you are aware of what is going on.
  • send postal ballot papers to all electors who have requested to vote by post.
  • organise the polling stations and station staff.
  • count the votes on polling/voting day and declare the results
  • ensure that the election/referendum process is run fairly and transparently as per the standards set by the Electoral Commission. The Electoral Commission is the organisation that monitors our performance.

2: Electoral Register

Making sure you are on it.


Did you know?

Being on the Electoral Register is a good idea because it helps with:

  • mortgage applications
  • mobile contracts
  • loan applications
  • being called for Jury Service
  • credit rating/score
  • ability to vote

We all have to be on the register but it's your choice to vote.


To keep the Electoral Register up to date we will:

  • ensure that anyone who cannot make it to a polling station on election day can vote by post or through 
         someone else.  This is called voting by proxy.
  • make sure people are not on the register twice by mistake
  • remove people who have moved out of the Vale of Glamorgan or have sadly passed away
  • opt people out of the Open Register if they ask us to.
  • make sure we have every property in the Vale of Glamorgan on the register
  • checking spellings and details so the register is complete and accurate.

3: Annual Canvass

Contacting you so you stay up to date.


Did you know?

The UK Government ask us to contact your property every year to confirm your Electoral Register information/status.


You should let us know if you:

  • move home
  • move to University
  • would like to vote from a holiday home/second address
  • change your name
  • reach 76 years of age and over
  • would like to change the way you vote

We won't know unless you tell us so don't be afraid to call and check!


To help keep you up to date we will:

  • send an annual Household Enquiry Form to every property in the Vale of Glamorgan
  • update the register from all returned forms
  • sent our visiting officer or a member of the canvass team to any home that has not responded
         to the enquiry form
  • publish the new up to date register every December.

4: Polling Stations

Where and How you can vote.


Did you know?

There are 109 polling stations across the Vale of Glamorgan allowing you to cast your vote in person.

You can also vote via:

  • Post
  • Proxy (Someone else voting for you)

We are always looking for new stations so let us know if you have any suggestions.


We will evaluate the polling stations every 5 years making sure they are:

  • accessible for everyone
  • safe and well maintained
  • easily located


  • Am I entitled to register?

    To be added to the Electoral Register you must be:

    • Over 16 years of age
    • A British, Irish, Commonwealth, or European Union State Citizen
    • Resident in the UK at time of application


  • Who is not entitled to register?

    You're not entitled to register if you are:

    • a foreign national except European Union and Commonwealth citizens
    • a child under 16
    • a convicted person in prison, detained in a mental hospital, person found guilty of certain corrupt or illegal practices
    • a person who has made a Service Declaration, Declaration of Local Connection or an Overseas Declaration


  • How do I register for the Electoral Register?
  • Am I already registered?

    You can find out by calling 01446 729 552 or emailing

    A paper copy of the register is also available to view in the Main Reception at the Civic Offices, Holton Road, Barry, CF63 4RU.

  • What evidence can I provide, to credit agencies, to prove I am on the Electoral Register?
    When you are approved, to be added to the Electoral Register, you will receive a confirmation letter from the Electoral Registration Office. This is proof that you have been recently added to the Electoral Register and is automatically generated from the application system.


    You can also request a Certificate of Registration from the Electoral Registration Office which will state the first date you were added to the Electoral Register. This is proof that you have been on the Electoral Register for a specific period of time.

  • I am a member of HM Forces. How do I register?

    You can register online. Click the button below to start an online application.


    Armed Forces


    If you would like a paper application form then please contact us.


    Contact Us

  • I am British and I live overseas because of my job, can I register?

    You can register online. Click the button below to start an online application.


    Overseas Elector


    If you would like a paper application form then please contact us.


    Contact Us

  • I am Homeless, how can I register?

    Please contact us at your local Electoral Registration Office.


    Contact Us

  • When will I be registered once I've completed my application?

    Click the button below to view our Register Update Dates.

    These dates will help you calculate when credit agencies will be notified of you being added to the Electoral Register.


    Register Update Dates

  • What do I need to do if I move house?

    Once you have moved, register online at using your new address. The application form will ask you if you have lived anywhere else in the last 12 months. When it does, put your old address that you have just left.


    That's all you need to do.  The system will tell us that you have moved.

    If you have moved out of the Vale of Glamorgan then it will inform us and your new local authority.

  • I am over 76, am I still eligible for Jury Service?

    No. Our database system will automatically opt you out of the jury service selection when it calculates you are over 76, using the date of birth you have provided us with, when you registered for the Electoral Register.

  • What is the Open Register?

    Please visit our Open Register webpage, for more information, by clicking the button below:


    Open Register 

  • I'm trying to trace a relative in the Vale of Glamorgan, can the Electoral Registration Office help me?

    If you ring the office we are not able to give you information about other people because it goes against our Data Protection policy. However, there is a paper copy of the current, full Register of Electors, at the Civic Offices, Holton Road, Barry, CF63 4RU.


    This is available for public inspection, under supervision, between the hours of 09:00-16:30 Monday to Thursday and from 09:00-16:00 on Friday.


    The document is arranged in polling district order and the names of electors (people) appear in alphabetical street order. Due to there being no surname search facility, it is very difficult to find someone, if you do not know where they are living within the Vale of Glamorgan.


    You will not be able to make a photocopy of any part of the register.

  • Can I register anonymously?
    *Please note this is not the same as opting out of the open register* 

    Please contact us at your local Electoral Registration Office. Our contact details can be found by clicking the button below:


    Contact Us



Absent Voter

An absent voter is someone who votes but not in person at a polling station.

Therefore, they either:

1) Vote via post

2) Vote via proxy (they send someone to the polling station in their place)  

3) Vote via postal-proxy (they nominate someone to complete their postal vote for them).

Canvass The term Canvass describes a process we use to contact people in their homes. We target certain homes that we send a member of staff to in the hope we can speak to the person living there. We have a duty to make sure that everyone has the choice to vote if they want to. Sometimes this is hard because we don't hear back from people or people move home and forget to register. Therefore, we visit homes as well as sending letters.



This abbreviation stands for Department for Work and Pensions database. This is a database against which elector' names and addresses listed on the Electoral Register will be compared for the purposes of confirming their identity during the confirmation process, and verify the identity of new applicants. 
Election An election is a political event when people (electors) elect (choose) people to make big decisions that effect everyone's day-to-day lives.
Elector This is another way of saying 'person'. When you vote, you are electing (choosing) a person to make decisions on your behalf, therefore you are the elector (the person choosing).
Electoral Register

This is a huge list that includes the names and addresses of everyone living in the Vale of Glamorgan.  It is used to prepare people to vote.                                                                            

 HEF This abbreviation stands for Household Enquiry Form. This is a confirmation form that you need to complete every summer to keep your Electoral Register entry up to date.

This abbreviation stands for Individual Electoral Registration. This is the name of the new application process, for being added to the Electoral Register, since June 2014.

 IER DS This abbreviation stands for Individual Electoral Registration Digital Service. This is the name given to the service that supports the process of verifying the identity of applicants, whether they have applied online or by another route, by checking their personal details against the DWP database and returning the results to the Electoral Registration Office.
 ITR Form This abbreviation stands for Invitation To Register Form. This is an application form that you need to complete to be added to the Electoral Register.
Open Register

The Open Register used to be called the Edited Register.

It is an extract of the Electoral Register that can be bought by any person or organisation for marketing purposes.

Opt Out The term Opt comes from the full word Option. Opt Out means you have the option (choice) to come out of something. In this case, you have the option to have your details taken out of any lists, created from the register, that are sold for marketing purposes.
Postal Postal is a term used to describe a person's vote that is received in the post i.e A Postal Vote.
Proxy Proxy is another way of saying 'representing someone else'. For example, if you wanted someone to place your vote for you then they would be representing you. This means they are your proxy.
Waiver A waiver is a document that you sign to tell us that you would like to give something up/not do something.  For example, if you want to vote by post but you are not able to give us a copy of your signature then you would sign a waiver form so we know that you are voting without a signature.


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