Household Notification Project

Did you respond to your Household Enquiry Form between July and November 2016? 



Important Message -

The Electoral Registration department has recently written to all households detailing who is on the Electoral Register.  This letter also states your Open Register preference.  Unfortunately there is an inaccuracy with the Open Register preferences so we’ll be writing to all properties again with an amended letter.  If you require any further information regarding the Open Register please visit or phone 01446 729552.  



We (The Electoral Registration Office) have a duty to update and maintain the Electoral Register.

We do this by asking you to confirm that the information, we currently hold for you, on the Electoral Register is correct.

This works in four steps:


Step 1 - We send a pink, A3, Household Enquiry Form to your property and ask you to confirm whether there are any
             changes to your information or not.

Step 2 - You return the form and we update the Electoral Register database based on what you have told us on the


Step 3 - The annual publication of the updated Electoral Register happens on the 1st of December.


Step 4 - To make sure we have read your form correctly, we send you a Household Notification Letter. 
               This letter includes 
the information held about you on the updated Electoral Register.



1) Why have I received a Household Notification Letter?

Annual Canvass 2016 has finished and your entry on the Electoral Register has been updated.

We would like to make sure that you are happy with the information held about you on the Electoral Register.

This is especially important if you have recently informed us of any changes to your information such as:

  • you have changed address,
  • you have changed your name,
  • you have changed your voting method.


2) What is included on my Household Notification Letter?

The letter will state:

  • The name of each person, on the Electoral Register (if any), at the address. 
  • How each person chooses to vote.
  • If each person has opted in or out of the Open Register.
  • Instructions on what to do if you need to update any of your information.
  • Instructions on what to do if you need to add a person at the property.


3) When will I receive my Household Notification Letter?

Your letter will be sent to you in the post on Monday the 30th of January 2017.

Every property within the Vale of Glamorgan will be sent a letter.


4) What do I need to do when I receive my Household Notification Letter?

Is all of the information on the letter correct?


If Yes - You do not need to do anything. 

The letter is confirmation of your entry on the Electoral Register and for your personal records. 


If No - You need to contact the Electoral Registration Office to update your information as soon as possible.

5) What if my name is not showing on the letter?

If your details are missing from the letter then this means you are not currently on the Electoral Register.


You need to complete an Invitation to Register Application Form as soon as possible.

Please visit our How To Register webpage by clicking the button below:


How To Register