What is the Electoral Register?

The Electoral Register is a list of all the people, living in the Vale of Glamorgan, who are registered to vote at an election or referendum.

If you are not on the register then you can not vote.


What are the benefits of being on the Electoral Register? 

The benefits are:
  • You will have a choice of whether or not you would like to vote at an election or referendum. 
  • Credit reference agencies can confirm your address to approve mortgage, loan, or credit applications.
  • You can be called to take part in Jury Service.

Which details are held on the register?

The register includes the following types of data:

  • Name
  • Address (including house names if applicable)
  • Polling District 
  • Unique Elector Number

Who uses the Electoral Register?

  • Election staff, political parties, candidates and holders of elected office use the register for electoral purposes.
  • Your local council and the British Library hold copies that anyone may look at under supervision.
  • A copy is also held by the Electoral Commission, the Boundary Commissions (which set constituency boundaries
         for most elections) and the Office for National Statistics.
  • The council can use the register for duties relating to security, enforcing the law and preventing crime.
  • The police and the security services can also use it for law enforcement.
  • Credit-reference agencies can buy the register to help them check the names and addresses of people applying
         for credit. They also use it to carry out identity checks when trying to prevent and detect money laundering.

It is a criminal offence for anyone to supply or use the register for anything else.


How do I get on the Electoral Register?

You will need to register.


Please visit our How to Register webpage by clicking the button below:


How To Register



Who keeps the Electoral Register up to date?

The Vale of Glamorgan Council employs a team of officers to maintain the register.

They work in the Electoral Registration Office (ERO) which is based in the Civic Offices building in Barry Town Centre.


The Electoral Registration Office will use the full Electoral Register for elections and referendums.


The Electoral Register will not be used for marketing purposes.  The Open Register is an extract of the Electoral Register that may be bought by any person or organisation for marketing purposes.  For more information on the Open Register please visit our Open Register webpage by clicking the button below:


Open Register


It is a criminal offence for the ERO to pass the Electoral Register on to anyone unauthorised or to use it for any other purpose.  Please see the section above labelled 'Who uses the Electoral Register?' for a list of authorised persons/organisations.


Can I view the Electoral Register?

A paper copy of the Electoral Register is available for public inspection at the Civic Offices reception, Holton Road, Barry, CF63 4RU under supervision.  It is available for viewing between the hours of 09:00-16:30 Monday to Thursday and from 09:00-16:00 on Friday.


The register is arranged in polling district order and the names of electors appear in alphabetical street order.

Due to there being no surname search facility it is very difficult to find someone if you do not know where they are living within the Vale of Glamorgan.


A paper copy of the Electoral Register is also available for public inspection at your local Library.  

Each Library copy contains the Polling District list for that area only.

To find library opening times please click the button below:


My Local Library



A new copy for the Civic Offices reception is created every 1st of December.

The ERO will publish a notice to say that this new version is available.


To see the latest notice please click the button below:


Notice of Electoral Register 2016/2017



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