The Mayor 

Role and responsibilities, chosen charities and information about The Mayor of the Vale of Glamorgan Council 


2017/18: Janice Charles


The Mayor must be an elected member of the Council. 


He/she is elected into office at the Annual Meeting of the Council in May and his/her year of office runs to May of the following year. 


The Mayor and Mayoress wear their chains of office when they attend functions on behalf of the Council.




Bee coated in pollenThe Mayor's Charities

Honorary Freedom and Freedom of Entry

The highest honour that a Council can bestow on a person who has, in their opinion, rendered eminent services to the city or borough is Honorary Freeman.


Honorary Freedom



Janice Charles finished her education at Barry College, and went on to work for BP Chemicals before leaving Barry to work in Canada and South East Asia. There followed work in an Extended Care Centre in Canada, which underpinned Janice’s values of a strong sense of responsibility, dedication and determination.


In Brunei Janice wrote for the Borneo Bulletin, Brunei Airlines inflight Magazine and ran her own popular radio shows for British Forces Broadcasting. Upon her return to her beloved Barry, Janice began her own successful business in Cardiff. True to her character, Janice then stepped away from her business to concentrate solely on her then new role in the Vale of Glamorgan Council.


During her 13 years of office Janice held posts as the Cabinet Member for Equalities and Human Resources as well as introducing and being the Armed Forces Champion.


A strong supporter of young people, Janice has freely given her time and experience to running Rainbow and Brownie packs, a Youth Club and Theatre Group. When asked by the MOD to promote the Armed forces to other counties to encourage awareness of the help that can be given and the problems our Heroes and their families, Janice did not hesitate, and still remains an ardent  member of The Veterans and Pensions Committee, and a trustee of the Territorial Army and Cadets Association.


A school governor for 14 years, Janice continues to volunteer for many local charities and is an active member of the Barry and District Soroptomists, particularly lending her support for the Sam Davies Ward at Barry Hospital. Janice has stated that ‘I aim to fulfil this role and represent the authority and the people of The Vale of Glamorgan with dignity, hard work, integrity, commitment and compassion’


The Mayor is also proud to be the Armed Forces Champion for the Vale of Glamorgan Council.


  • Is there a difference between a Mayor and a Lord Mayor?
    Cities have a Lord Mayor; Councils like the Vale of Glamorgan have a Mayor.
  • What is the difference between a Mayoress and a Consort?

    The Mayor and Deputy Mayor appoint their companions. Either a spouse, partner, son, daughter or friend is chosen. If the companions are wives they are referred to as the Mayoress or Deputy Mayoress.


    If husband, brother or sister is chosen they are called Consort or Deputy Consort.

  • Is the Mayor's car theirs to keep?  
    No. One car is used by the Mayor and the Deputy Mayor. The Mayor doesn’t drive the car himself but is driven by a chauffeur. The civic car can also be used by the Leader of the Council and the Chief Executive.
  • How busy is the Mayor?
    The Mayor’s workload can vary from year to year depending on what’s taking place in the Vale of Glamorgan during the Mayor’s term. In recent years Mayors have regularly undertaken in excess of 550 engagements a year. “Engagements” include meetings, chairing full council, charity committee meetings, charity events, exhibition openings etc
  • How is a Mayor chosen? 
    A Mayor is always a member of the council, usually with long service, who is invited to stand by colleagues from their political party, and has usually been Deputy Mayor the previous year.

    The vote for a new Mayor is taken at the Annual General Meeting of Council, which is traditionally held in May.


    When there is a clear majority in the Council the candidate can expect to be elected unopposed. However, if there is a hung Council there can be more than one candidate for the posts of Mayor and Deputy Mayor and the election result can be very close.

  • Can a Mayor be in office more than once?
    Yes, although they cannot hold the title 'Mayor' for more than one year in office. 
  • Does the Mayor run the council?

    The Mayor of the Vale of Glamorgan Council is a non-political and non-executive role. The Vale of Glamorgan Council is headed by the Leader of the Council and their Cabinet, with scrutiny committees monitoring Cabinet decisions closely.

    The Mayor chairs Council meetings and ensures that each agenda item is debated fairly.

    At full council it is unusual for the Mayor to speak on an issue as they need to be impartial. However if necessary they hold the casting vote on issues.

  • Does the Mayor earn a lot of money?
    All councillors receive a basic allowance, but the Mayor receives an additional special allowance set by Council to enable the Mayor/Deputy Mayor to carry out their additional duties.
  • When does the Mayor wear the chain of office? 
    The Mayor always wears the chain of office when on official business, unless specifically requested not to. 

    The Deputy Mayor wears her chain when representing the Mayor.