McCaffer, Kathryn

Kathryn F. McCaffer


  • 07701 372545



Party details:

Welsh Conservatives


Council Roles

    • Community Liaison Committee
    • Democratic Services Committee
    • Discretionary Housing Payments Review Committee (Chairman)
    • Equalities Consultative Forum
    • Healthy Living and Social Care Scrutiny Committee (Vice-Chairman)
    • Homes and Safe Communities Scrutiny Committee
    • Investigating Committee (Vice-Chairman)

Outside Roles

  • Breakthrough Breast Cancer
  • Friends of Belle Vue Park
  • Regional Collaborative Committee
  • Relate
  • South Wales Fire and Rescue Authority
  • Vale of Glamorgan Festival Management Committee
  • Wales Council for the Blind: Executive Committee

Attendance at Meetings

(from the Annual Meeting on 24 May 2017 to the Annual Meeting on 9May 2018)


Attendance at Meetings
Member of the Following Committees No. of Meetings   Held to Date Attended



Apologies Received
Council (including Annual Meeting)  4 4 100%  
Community Liaison 2 2 100%   
Democratic Services 2 2 100%  
Discretionary Housing Payments Review        
Healthy Living and Social Care Scrutiny 6 6 100%  
Homes and Safe Communities Scrutiny 6 4 67% 1
Not a Member of the Committee
Not a Member of Committee but Present at Meeting  Attended 

Register of Interests


Ward: Plymouth