Moore, Neil

Neil Moore



6 Cardiff Road


CF63 2QY




  • 01446 721525
  • 07720 063533

Party details:

Welsh Labour 

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  • Appeals Committee
  • Corporate Performance and Resources Scrutiny Committee
  • Environment and Regeneration Scrutiny Committee (from 7th November, 2017)
  • Democratic Services Committee
  • Democratic Services Sub-Committee
  • Discretionary Housing Payments Review Committee
  • Senior Management Appointment Committee
  • Trust Committee
  • Voluntary Sector Joint Liaison Committee
  • Welsh Church Act Estate Committee

Council Roles

Outside Roles

Attendance at Meetings

(from the Annual Meeting on 24 May 2017 to the Annual Meeting on 9 May 2018)


Attendance at Meetings
Member of the Following Committees No. of Meetings   Held to Date Attended



Apologies Received
Council (including Annual Meeting) 4 4 100%  
Appeals 1 1 100%  
Corporate Performance and Resources Scrutiny 6 6 100%  
Democratic Services 2 2 100%  
Democratic Services Sub-Committee        
Discretionary Housing Payments Review        

Environment and Regeneration Scrutiny

(from 7th November 2017)

6 2 33%  
Senior Management Appointment 4 3 75% 1
Voluntary Sector Joint Liaison 2 2 100%  
Welsh Church Act Estate 1 1 100%  
Not a Member of the Committee
Not a Member of Committee but Present at Meeting  Attended 
 Cabinet 3
 Environment and Regeneration Scrutiny 1

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Annual Reports

Ward: Cadoc

Surgery Times

Generally, the third Saturday in the month between 10.00 a.m. and 12.00 noon at Barry Town Library.  Please see press for details. Anyone can contact Neil at any time by letter, telephone or email.


Neil has lived in Barry since 1979 with his wife Anne and their two now grown-up children, who were both educated in local schools.


Neil worked as a Principal Trading Standards Officer in South Glamorgan and Cardiff City Councils until he took early retirement in 2002.


Neil works locally with resident and housing groups as well as with the local police.  Neil believes that residents' views should be taken into account when decisions are made and he is happy to help everyone who has a problem, and is always available when needed. Neil's greatest annoyance is the fly tipping that occurs in the area.


Therefore Neil, wherever possible, checks the ward for flytipping and is very active in trying to clean up the area when needed. However, he does ask for the help of residents to report flytipping when they see a problem that he might have missed, especially where it is off the beaten track and in alleyways, especially those with alleygates where access is not always possible. Neil hopes everyone will help in eliminating this serious and very annoying problem.


Neil also urges residents to set up resident groups and neighbourhood watch schemes, and would be very happy to help them achieve this if they need his help.


Neil therefore hopes that Cadoc, Barry and the Vale can be safe places to live, work and bring up a family and believes that this can be achieved if we all work together as a community.


Neil and Anne, the Labour councillors for Cadoc, are available at all times if constituents require help and assistance and they can be contacted by letter, telephone and email as listed.