Date and time

of Meeting                TUESDAY, 31ST JULY, 2012 AT 6.00 P.M.


Venue                      COUNCIL CHAMBER, CIVIC OFFICES






1.         Apologies for absence.

[View Apologies for Absence minute]


2.         Minutes of meeting held on 21st March, 2012.


3.         To receive declarations of interest (including whipping declarations).

            (Note: Members seeking advice on this item are asked to contact the Monitoring Officer at least 48 hours before the meeting).


4.         Police Matters.

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Report of the Chief Executive –

5.         Information for Members.

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Reference –

6.         Annual Report Section 106 Legal Agreements 2011-12 - Cabinet: 23rd July 2012.

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Report of the Director of Legal, Public Protection and Housing Services –

7.         Youth Provision Task and Finish Group Review.

[View Youth Provision Task and Finish Group Review minute]


8.         For Information Only - Fire Service Statistics for the Vale of Glamorgan Fire Service Areas.

[View Fire Service Statistics minute]



John Maitland Evans

Chief Executive


25th July, 2012



Local Government (Access to Information) Act 1985.  Inspection of background papers – in the first instance, enquires should be made of Mrs. K. Bowen: (01446) 709856.




To the Members of the Community Liaison Committee:

Chairman: C.P.J. Elmore

Vice-Chairman: K.J. Geary

Councillors: R.J. Bertin, Ms. B.E. Brooks, Ms. C. Curtis, N.P. Hodges, H.J.W. James, N. Moore, R.F. Probert, R.P. Thomas, R.L. Traherne, C.J. Williams and M.R. Wilson.