Minutes of a meeting held on 2nd November, 2011.


Present: Councillor G.C. Kemp (Chairman); Councillor T.H. Jarvie (Vice-Chairman); Councillors Mrs. J.E. Charles, P. Church, G.A. Cox, A.M. Ernest, A.D. Hampton, H.J.W. James, R.L. Traherne and Mrs. D.M. Turner.



C1486                        MINUTES -


RESOLVED - T H A T the minutes of the meeting held on 19th October, 2011 be approved as a correct record.



C1487                        DECLARATIONS OF INTEREST -


No declarations were received.



C1488                        CORPORATE PARENTING PANEL -


The following report of a meeting held on 20th July, 2011 was submitted:


Present:Councillor Dorothy Turner (Chairman), Councillor Anthony Hampton (left at 4.50pm), Councillor Sally Bagstaff, Councillor Val Hartrey,  Councillor Sophie Williams, Councillor Janice Birch;  Gareth Jenkins (Head of Children & Young People Services),  Jenny Smith (Specialist Teacher – LAC), Catherine Hanlon-Vanstone (Minute Taker)


Presenters– Mr Gareth Jacobs – NYAS – Service Manager

                        Ms Lesa Pates – NYAS – Senior Advocate


Apologies:Bryan Jeffreys (Director of Learning and Development); Phil Evans  (Directors of Social and Care Services) ; Caroline Rees (Head of Service – Additional Learning Needs.) Councillor Katherine Kemp.


Cllr Hampton had to leave the meeting at 4.50pm to Chair another meeting.




(1) Apologies for absence



Apologies were received from Bryan Jeffreys (Director of Learning and Development); Phil Evans (Director of Social Services); Caroline Rees (Head of Additional Learning Needs.)



(2) Minutes of Meeting – 18 May 2011



The minutes of the last meeting were agreed as a true record and were signed by the Chairman Cllr DT.



Matters Arising:

Training, Education and Work Opportunities for Looked After Children and Care Leavers– DT has written to the CX and has received a response to the Panel indicating that the issue will be raised at CMT on 20 July 2011 and the Chief Executive will then write again to advise further.


Guest D attendance at future Panels  - JS confirmed that she has spoken to Guest D regarding attendance and Guest D has confirmed that she is keen to continue her attendance at the Panel Meetings.  JS also has another LAC who has shown interest in joining the Panel. 


>JS to confirm arrangements with the second LAC representative for September.


Higher Education Bursaries (HEB)– Panel discussed problems surrounding the HEB, with the implications that this will have on the budget.  JS outlined that the Council currently have at 2 LAC attending University which is excellent but some consideration needs to be given to funding.


Ø      HEB to be put on Agenda for next meeting. 



Ø      GJ/JS to present a Paper to Panel on this issue at the next meeting.


Ø      Families First Report and LAC Exclusions – both items to be put on Agenda for next meeting for consideration by the Panel.







Panel Noted


























(3) To receive declarations of Interest



No declarations were received.




(4) Presentation – National Youth Advocacy Service - NYAS



DT welcomed Gareth Jacobs and LP from NYAS and introduced the Panel Members.  Panel members were all issued with a copy of the NYAS Information Pack - (Master Copy available for viewing from Cabinet Office).


Gareth Jacobs indicated that the focal point of the presentation would be a Service Outline with the opportunity for the Panel to ask any questions they may have.  Some of the key issues referred to within Gareth Jacob’s presentation are as follows;


Ø      NYAS was established in 1979 by a group of Social Workers in Liverpool with the key aim of listening to children and young people who feel that their voices are not being heard.


Ø      It is a statutory duty for every Local Authority to provide advocacy services and that Advocacy was about empowering young people.


Ø      For those who approach NYAS who may not be eligible for their services they still work with the applicant in order to signpost them to the relevant person/agency who can help.


Ø      Gareth presented some results from a recent qualitative study that NYAS have carried out with LAC which yielded very interesting data.


DT queried whether we have similar study information that can be reported, like the data presented by NYAS.


GJ confirmed that we are able to report on some features.  The LA has a rolling programme of consultation concerned with broad themes but there has historically been a poor response rate.  This could be the result of the method of sourcing the information.  It was also recognised that there can be a problem engaging children in work when the Local Authority is leading it  - NYAS are an independent organisation and young people are often more willing to discuss their thoughts and feelings with an independent person.


JS indicated that the PEP’s also provide an insight into some of the areas. 


Discussion among the Panel regarding how the LA could source information on very basic questions to LAC, for example ‘Are you hungry’ (as some of the responses on the NYAS study worryingly indicated that some children reported feeling hungry as their personal experience of  being looked after.)    It was suggested that there is the potential that the Council could commission NYAS for specific consultation to capture information – NYAS confirmed that they would be very willing to work with the Authority to capture such data if requested.


JS also suggested that School Councils could be used as a mechanism to try and encourage engagement of young people in such studies.


GJ confirmed that he was pleased that the Council have now reached the position in which the contract has been awarded to NYAS and highlighted the role that each Panel member plays in ensuring universal access to these services, including in their role as local Councillors.


DT highlighted that as a result of the work of the Panel and all involved the Vale of Glamorgan Council now has a sound awareness of the issues that affect Looked After Children, and the work is supported across the Council, and by all Councillors.


GJ enquired if NYAS are in a position for the Local Authority to have some of their leaflets which have been published for different age groups on their service.  NYAS confirmed that the packs are currently being prepared with the intention that they will be hand delivered for Social Workers to then have an input in disseminating them to LAC.


Gareth Jacobs provided the Panel with some case study examples of Advocacy work that NYAS have been involved in.    He explained that in some cases children may ask for something that they are unable to have, e.g. something that may be harmful to them, or may make unreasonable requests.  In these cases NYAS can then assist by acting as independent advisors to the young people.


Gareth Jacobs stressed that Article 10 of the UN Convention states that all young people have the right to be heard but this cannot mean that they can always get what they want. 


Gareth Jacobs introduced Lesa Pate whose role is that of a visiting advocate.  LP outlined that she had her first visit to Wentworth Place on 19 July 2011 during which she met with LAC’s there and was able to explain her role and the services available.  She outlined that as a result of this meeting she has been invited to WH’s Young Person’s Team Meeting which she plans to attend.


She outlined that he role is to extract information from children in residential homes, regarding their experiences, happiness, care etc.. and to relay this information back to the Local Authority.


DT thanked NYAS for their presentation and their attendance and intimated that she hoped they would return to a future CPP Meeting to update the Panel.


NYAS left a copy of the Information Pack to go on the CPP file.


> CHV to file pack for information.




(6) Update on the Forward Work Programme – Gareth Jenkins


GJ circulated the new Cabinet Forward Work programme for the Panel to take away to consider.   GJ stressed that all completed items have now been removed from the Plan and that Higher Education is to be added as an action for the FWP.


> GJ to add HE to the FWP.


  The group discussed the Forward Work Programme and GJ provided updates as follows:-


Items 1 - 3– all have been brought forward from the last FWP with an update in the Progress Column for each item.


Item 4 ( Maintain and Improve Engagement, Involvement & Participation) – GJ indicated the first action has been completed given the update provided earlier in the meeting by JS in that Guest D would like to remain on the Panel and an extra representative has been approached.


GJ also highlighted that he has included the Awards Evening within the FWP as it is important to recognise this work.



Ø      Cllr VH to enquire as to Charlotte Church’s availability to attend the Awards Evening.


Ø      JS to email details of the Event to Cllr VH.


Item 5 (Health of LAC and Young People)


DT circulated letter to all Panel Members from Cardiff and Vale UHB regarding Health and LAC Provision.    DT outlined that the letter states that in order to provide an equitable level of service between the Vale and Cardiff there is to be a loss of service for the Vale in order to minimise the gap.


Cllr DT expressed her extreme disappointment at the contents of the letter and the outcome and advised that Panel that she intends to discuss the issue with the Chair of the LHB at her next meeting.


Ø      Cllr DT to speak with Chair LHB regarding Health Provision for LAC.


JS intimated that to lose the service of specialist nurses after 10 years is very sad.


DT suggested that a response to the letter be drafted from the CPP that she will sign as Chair.   Dental Care provision for LAC should also be raised as an issue within the letter.


Ø      GJ to draft a response for the Chair to send


Cllr SW enquired whether leisure passes provided to foster families are for the whole of the foster family or just for the Looked After Child?


GJ indicated that he is still awaiting confirmation on this point.  He has also queried whether all LAC receive leisure passes or just those of Secondary School age.


All Panel agreed that the passes should be for the whole foster family in order to promote cohesion and unity within the family so as to not single out the LAC.


> GJ to make some enquiries with Leisure Services and will report back to the Panel at a later date.


Item 6 (Education, Training or Employment)– GJ outlined that this item has been left on the Programme.  Panel hopefully will have a report for the next meeting regarding CMT Support for Care Leavers. 


DT suggested that there may be an opportunity with the new development at the Waterfront for work experience placements to be worked into agreement – suggestion of potential for S106 for Educational Purposes.


> Cllr DT to informally discuss how to progress options for work placements for LAC with the Leader.


Action will also be added to the FWP under this heading regarding LAC and Higher Education.


> GJ to update FWP to reflect this.


> HE to be scheduled on Agenda for next meeting.


> GJ to circulate papers with the Agenda for next meeting.

























Cllr VH

















Cllr DT



















Panel Agreed












(7) Awards Ceremony 2011 – Jenny Smith


JS updated Panel on arrangements for Awards Ceremony.


 JS has now been in touch with Rotarians and has been informed that there is a Rotary Scheme which LAC may be interested in getting involved, known as The Rotary Young Leaders Awards (RYLA) as part of which young people are able to go away to carry out activities.


Cllr DT confirmed that she is happy to meet with the Rotarians with JS if desired.


Ø      Cllr VH to contact Charlotte Church to enquiry as to availability for the Awards Ceremony.


JS stressed that there is also the potential for the date of the Awards Ceremony to be altered to suit Charlotte Church’s availability as the date has not yet been publically circulated. 


Ø      JS to send CYPP report to VH to send with the letter for background on the Panel.












Cllr VH








(8) Future Meeting Dates 



Ø      Cllr DT to circulate proposed dates for future meetings to all Panel Members.


Ø      SW indicated that if the meetings have to be scheduled on Wednesdays then she is unable to meet until 5.30 onwards.



Cllr DT



Cllr SW

(9) AOB


 A copy of the WLGA News Release was circulated to all Panel Members.


GJ outlined that there is nothing contained within that the Panel has not already considered.  GJ congratulated Panel members on the work undertaken to date.



Next Meeting Date



To be confirmed.



- - - - - - - - - -


RESOLVED - T H A T the report be noted.


Reason for decision


To have regard to the views of the Panel.



C1489                        GLAMORGAN HERITAGE COAST -


The following report of a meeting held on 13th October, 2011 was submitted:


Present:  Councillors R.F. Curtis, J.F. Fraser, E. Hacker, Mrs. V.M. Hartrey, Mrs. A.J. Preston, R.P. Thomas; Mr. R. McLaggan (Merthyr Mawr Estates), Councillor G. Davies (Bridgend County Borough Council), Mr. S. Hand (Countryside Council for Wales), Mr. B. Acott (Friends of the Glamorgan Heritage Coast), Mrs. H. March, Mr. G. Guy (Operational Manager, Vale of Glamorgan) and Mr. P. Dunn (Glamorgan Heritage Coast Centre),



(a)       Appointment of Chairman -


AGREED - T H A T Councillor Mrs. A.J. Preston be appointed Chairman for the current municipal year.



(b)       Appointment of Vice-Chairman -


AGREED - T H A T Councillor Mrs. V.M. Hartrey be appointed Vice-Chairman for the current municipal year.



(c)        Apologies for Absence -


These were received from Councillors J. Clifford, A.M. Ernest (Vale of Glamorgan Council) and Ms. S. Mabberley (Countryside Council for Wales).



(d)       Minutes -


AGREED - T H A T the minutes of the meeting held on 12th April, 2011 be accepted.



(e)       Announcement -


The Chairman on behalf of the Committee thanked Mr. Peter Davies of Slade Farm for providing the Group with the opportunity to undertake a tractor ride on the farm prior to the meeting.  The visit had been an interesting and informative experience and Members were advised that each year similar visits were also arranged for the public.



(f)         Achievements and Issues at the Glamorgan Heritage Coast Centre-


The Principal Ranger, Paul Dunn, provided the Group with a powerpoint presentation detailing the work of the team since the meeting in April 2011.  The presentation showed pictures of the Heritage Coast taken over the previous months advising that it had been a particularly mixed year with visitor numbers not being as high as in previous years apart from the Easter break and two weeks in October when the whole of the country experienced significantly high temperatures.  However, school visits to the Centre and the coast remained consistent and even though charging for such visits had been agreed over the last two years schools were still regularly visiting the coast.  The team also continued to visit schools and assist in biodiversity work and maintenance issues.  The local farm owner, Mr. Peter Davies, had provided enormous benefits to the Heritage Coast with the biodiversity improvements that he had made on his farm.  Although the Centre had been without an estate worker for four months the team had managed to maintain the gardens and the Estate as best as they could.  A number of local companies had also assisted with offering services to clean up the coast with a significant number of their staff being involved.


However, the group was informed that the support the Centre usually received from students at Atlantic College, for the clean up regimes, was no longer available due to the withdrawal of Welsh Government funding to the College for this area of work.  Although the farm open day at Slade Farm due to adverse weather conditions had seen visitor numbers reduce all who had attended had been most impressed with the work being undertaken. 


“Visit Wales” was intending to highlight three places in their Wales Coast Path promotional campaign, one being the Heritage Coast and to this end had donated a bench which could be clearly seen on the top of Dunraven Road in commencement of their advertising campaign.  During the presentation other photographs demonstrated the variety of wildlife to be found in the area, together with photographs showing some activities by the Friends of the Heritage Coast. 


Following the presentation it was


AGREED - T H A T Mr. Dunn be thanked for the informative update and for arranging the visit to Slade Farm with Mr. Davies. 



(g)       Update on Current Issues-


Mr. Bob Guy, Operational Manager - Countryside and Economic Projects, provided a verbal update for the Committee on current issues within the Vale of Glamorgan as below:


·        It was the intention that the coastal path would be launched in Wales on 5th May 2012  some legal issues were being discussed i.e. public access etc. in relation to the Vale of Glamorgan but he was optimistic that these matters would be resolved in the very near future.

·        The contract for the Cwm Mawr scheme which had been designed to improve access to the steps could not be confirmed until the creation of a public right of way had taken place. 

·        The proposed improvements behind the lifeguard building in Llantwit Major had been shelved due to insufficient funds this year. 

·        Signage issues were being progressed and the Department was currently mapping signage across the whole coastal path.  The path had been a challenge for most of Wales due to the short lead in timescale that had been devised by the Welsh Government. 

·        Creative Rural Communities were involved in a number of projects and one of the issues a future Steering Group would be looking at would be the issue of branding and interpretation of the Heritage Coast as a whole.  Some research had been completed on public perceptions, and Mr. Guy would be working with members of the Rural Partnership to progress the project shortly. 


In considering the report Members urged officers to ensure that a sign for the Heritage Coast be considered on the M4 and that the Heritage Coast be appropriately branded in order to provide further marketing opportunities.  Working closely with Bridgend County Borough Council could also be a major step forward and that they be considered to be included in discussions / consultations in developing the Creative Rural Communities project. 


Having considered the report, it was


AGREED - T H A T the Creative Rural Communities team provide a presentation on current projects to the Advisory Group at its next meeting.



(h)       Matters Raised by Bridgend County Borough Council -


Councillor G. Davies advised that in Porthcawl Bridgend County Borough Council had set up a Trecco Bay Management Group which was looking at all access requirements within the area.  He suggested that a representative from the Glamorgan Heritage Coast Advisory Group could be invited to sit on the Trecco Bay Management Group and that he would arrange for an invitation to be extended in due course.  He also concurred that both Councils needed to consider further ways of enhancing tourism within the area and welcomed the suggestion that further discussions be undertaken. 



(i)         Matters Raised by the Countryside Council for Wales -


Mr. Scott Hand advised that two new SSI sites had been formally designated, namely Lark Meadow and Craig Penllyn.  He also took the opportunity to thank Paul Dunn, his staff and managers from the Vale, for all the work that had been undertaken at Craig Penllyn.


At the previous meeting of the group reference had been made to the proposed new single environment body, but that to date this had not formally been confirmed, however, a decision was hoped from the Minister in November 2011 which would be followed by public consultation and a new regime of legislation.  It was envisaged that the shadow organisation could be formed in the Summer of 2012 with a view to amalgamating in 2013. 


Mr. R. McLaggan stressed the importance that all organisations worked together to ensure the best possible access and initiatives were undertaken for the Heritage Coast.  



(j)         Matters Raised by the Friends of Glamorgan Heritage Coast -


The new Chairman of the Friends of Glamorgan Heritage Coast, Mr. Acott, was welcomed to the meeting. He stated that he looked forward to working with the Group and if he could be of assistance in anyway to let him know. 


Mrs. Heather March raised an issue in relation to a path from Mill Road at Boverton to the Sea Watch Centre.  The Friends of the Heritage Coast and Llantwit Major Town Council had discussed making a bid to the Creative Rural Communities footpaths grant fund to create a new right of way and improve the route.  The Operational Manager advised that the Friends of the Heritage Coast needed to demonstrate that the footpath had broad community support but that it could be a good scheme for the grant, subject to seeing the details.


 It was noted that several groups currently regularly use the path, including ramblers, and have done for many years.  Mr. Guy suggested that a claim could therefore be made to the Council’s Rights of Way Group that a public right of way already exists.  This would not necessarily be the easiest or quickest way forward and a discussion with Mark Cottray at Creative Rural Communities was advised in respect of the grant route. 


However, he took the opportunity to advise the Friends that if any landowner asked for compensation this could not be paid out of any grants received and that other avenues would have to be explored. 



(l)         Date of Next Meeting -


AGREED - T H A T the next meeting of the group be arranged in April 2012, to include a Creative Rural Communities presentation, a full update on the progress on the Wales Coastal Path and a visit on the Coastal Path to be undertaken prior to or after the meeting.


- - - - - - - - - -


RESOLVED - T H A T the report be noted.



Reason for decision


To have regard to the views of the Advisory Group.



C1490                        IMPROVEMENT PLAN 2011/12 (REF) (MINUTE NO. 483) -


The Voluntary Sector Joint Liaison Committee had, on 5th October, 2011 endorsed the Improvement Plan 2011/12 and requested Cabinet to give further consideration to the provision of cycle routes (specifically Barry via Dinas Powys to Cardiff Bay) in the Regeneration Section of the Corporate Plan.


RESOLVED - T H A T the recommendation of the Committee be noted.


Reason for decision


The matter was already being considered.



C1491                        PURCHASE OF TIMBER AND WOOD PRODUCTS (REF) (MINUTE NO. 519) -


The Scrutiny Committee (Corporate Resources) had, on 11th October, 2011 considered a request from Councillor R.F. Curtis in relation to, inter alia, signing up to the WWF Cymru’s pledge to help stop the trade in illegal and unsustainable timber.  The Committee had been informed that the Sustainability Working Group had recently discussed the issues raised  by Councillor Curtis and had concluded that a pledge at Bronze level would be consistent with the work already being undertaken by the Council.  The Committee had consequently asked Cabinet to consider signing up to the WWF Bronze Pledge to stop the trade in illegal and unsustainable timber.


This was a matter for Executive decision.


RESOLVED – THAT the recommendation from the Scrutiny Committee be noted and that Cabinet receive a report on the issue to assist in the further consideration of the same.


Reason for decision


To receive further information in relation to any submission to the WWF pledge scheme.






An extraordinary meeting of the Scrutiny Committee (Economy and Environment) had been held on 17th October, 2011 to consider evidence for and against shale gas extraction.  At that meeting, the Head of Planning and Transportation referred to the report submitted to Committee on 6th September which had highlighted, inter alia, that concerns had been raised throughout the world about possible health risks and, more recently, potential links with earth tremors in parts of north England. 


Members had been informed of a report by the Energy Select Committee of MPs in June 2011 which had found no evidence that the hydraulic fracturing process involved in shale gas extraction posed a direct risk to underground water aquifers.  Members were also informed that the Welsh Government had provided no technical advice in respect of the same to date.  The Leader of the Council had written to the First Minister to request that consideration be given as to whether any applications relating to test drilling and fracking should be matters for the Welsh Government to determine.  The Scrutiny Committee had also sent a letter to Assembly Members, MPs, Welsh Government, the Local Government Association and the remaining Welsh Councils requesting guidance on the matter.  Prior to the meeting of the Scrutiny Committee, the film 'Gasland' had been shown and, following a request from Mr. G. Williams of Coastal Oil and Gas Limited, the e-mail from the Health and Safety Executive and the document referred to in the minute were circulated.  A four minute website link was also shown. 


The Committee had then received representations from the following witnesses:


·                         Mr. G. Williams - Coastal Oil and Gas Limited

·                         Mr. D. Henderson - Environmental Policy Manager, Dwr Cymru

·                         Mr. J. Harrison - Environment Agency

·                         Ms. L. Evans - 'Vale Says No'

·                         Professor Joseph Cartwright - Cardiff University

·                         Dr. C.A. Pearce - Cowbridge and Llanblethian Residents Group

·                         Mr. R. Simpson - Campaign for the Protection of Rural Wales

·                         Mr. D. Campbell - Journalist, UK Progressive Magazine

·                         Mr. M. Wallis, Friends of the Earth

·                         Mr. I. Benjuja - Anderson Associates.


A question and answer session then ensued.  Following the question and answer session, Members of the Scrutiny Committee again referred to public concerns and expressed the view that, inter alia, government guidance on the matter was required in view of the potential implications. 


The Scrutiny Committee recommended firstly that a letter should be sent to Westminster, to the Welsh Government and to the WLGA to support calls for a moratorium on shale gas extraction until public concerns were allayed on the issue.  Secondly, the Scrutiny Committee also referred the aforementioned recommendation to Cabinet with the request that Cabinet support the call for a moratorium. 


This was a matter for Executive decision.




(1)       T H A T recommendation (1) of the Scrutiny Committee be noted.


(2)       T H A T the call for a moratorium be supported until such time as there was clear policy guidance from the Welsh Government in respect of shale gas extraction.


(3)       T H A T the Welsh Government be called upon to provide such guidance without delay.


Reasons for decisions


(1&2)  To have regard to the recommendations put forward.


(3)       To allay public concerns and uncertainty in this matter.





In response to a request, the Leader had indicated at the Council meeting in July, 2011 that a report in respect of the above would be submitted to Cabinet.


Members were notified that a review of all nuclear sites within the U.K. was being undertaken which could result in the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) and the Office of Nuclear Regulation (ONR) updating current guidance relating to off-site plans.  The risks associated with nuclear power stations were being considered both nationally and internationally.  In order to address the regional risk Somerset Local Authorities Civil Contingencies Unit produces an off-site plan for Hinckley Point A and B Nuclear Licence Sites which referenced Detailed Emergency Planning Zone (DEPZ) set at 3.5 km with extended release Scenario up to 15km.


The HSE and the ONR produced advice on the DEPZ and also considered the extendibility zone.  This Council would be informed through the Welsh Government which would in turn be informed by the Department for Communities and Local Government Resilience.  Members noted that the Council had a well established generic Emergency Response procedure for responding to emergencies and incidents that affected residents and communities within the Vale.  The strategic response was led by the Chief Executive and the Corporate Management Team.  The Civil Protection Unit led the tactical response which included an Emergency Control Room with relevant services area staff and liaison with C1V to ensure resources and communications were consistent.  Public information messages would be co-ordinated at the Strategic (Gold) and the Council's Corporate Communication Team would use all methods available to inform the public as set down in the Crisis Media Communication Plan.


This was a matter for Executive decision.


RESOLVED - T H A T the arrangements currently in place be noted and the report referred to the Scrutiny Committee (Housing and Public Protection) for consideration.


Reason for decision


To consider the Civil Protection arrangements in place for Hinkley Point and refer to the appropriate Scrutiny Committee.





The aforementioned consultation document put forward proposals for various changes which were designed to make the appeals process more proportionate, cost effective and responsive to applicants and appellants needs.  In the most part it was noted that the consultation endorsed the approach that the Council had undertaken for the last 12 months when it had been selected to take part in a pilot scheme for introducing a quicker, simpler system for householder appeals.  Other key changes proposed included the appeal method for each case being decided by the Inspectorate, extending the costs regime to written representation planning appeals, introducing a simple procedure for correcting errors in appeal decisions and introducing a formal process and guidance for undertaking bespoke timetables for complex Inquiries.  Such changes were to be welcomed in streamlining the process.  Changes in the current arrangements for payment of enforcement application fees to ensure that the whole fee for an enforcement appeal under Ground A would now be retained by the Council - this was also considered to be a positive step. 


Certain points in the consultation, however, raised some concerns.  It was considered that some of the timescales imposed on the Council for the submission of documentation to the Inspectorate were unrealistic (5 days) and that a timescale of 10 working days would be more appropriate.  The second concern was in respect of the submission of Statements of Common Ground.  The consultation document suggested that the submission of an agreed Statement of Common Ground and its submission to the Planning Inspectorate should be submitted prior to the expiry of the 4 week deadline for the submission of written proofs of evidence.  Members considered that the submission of the Statement earlier in the appeals process could lead to less Statements of Common Ground being agreed with the documents themselves having little value due to the time pressures involved.  Further to the above, general concern was expressed at the Welsh Government's conclusion as to why Statements of Common Ground were not submitted, the point being made that it was not until Councils and appellants had gone through the process of the preparation of evidence that any Common Ground became apparent. 


This was a matter for Executive decision.




(1)       T H A T the response to the Consultation Document as appended to the report be approved and forwarded to the Welsh Government. 


(2)       T H A T a copy of the report be forwarded to the Planning Committee for information purposes.


Reasons for decisions


(1)       To enable the Council to respond to the recent consultation issued by the WG entitled Improving the Planning Appeal Process.


(2)       To inform the Planning Committee of the response to the consultation.





The external refurbishment works (the enveloping project) had been completed at the end of September, 2011 within budget, leaving a surplus of c. £160,000.  Members considered the proposal to vire that sum for additional works within the Innovation Quarter as detailed in the report.  It was also intended to dispose of the Hydraulic Pumphouse site by way of a 999year lease to secure a new end use as part of the ongoing regeneration of the area.  The Welsh Government had confirmed there would be no clawback of the £800,000 grant and was supportive of the Council marketing the building on the basis of a 999 year lease disposal.


This was a matter for Executive decision saving for the virement of £70,000 referred to in resolution (4) above which required the approval of Full Council.




(1)       T H A T authority be granted to market and dispose of the Hydraulic Pumphouse site in consultation with the Director of Finance, ICT and Property and the Cabinet Member for Economic Development and Regeneration, subject to the consent of the Welsh Government.

(2)       T H A T authority be granted to appoint property agents/consultants to assist with the marketing and preferred bidder selection exercise.


(3)       T H A T authority be granted to the Director of Legal, Public Protection and Housing Services to prepare, complete and execute the appropriate legal documentation required to dispose of this site.


(4)       T H A T authority be granted to vire immediately £90,000 out of the £160,000 budget surplus from the Pumphouse Enveloping budget to a new 'Innovation Quarter Infrastructure Budget', with the remaining £70,000 to be vired in due course subject to the approval of Full Council, and for this budget to be utilised for additional security, landscape and physical measures and feasibility/surveys within the Innovation Quarter subject to the approval of the Cabinet Member for Economic Development and Regeneration.


Reasons for decisions


(1)       To facilitate the marketing and disposal of the Hydraulic Pumphouse site.


(2)       To facilitate the appointment of property agents/consultants to assist with the marketing of the Hydraulic Pumphouse site.


(3)       To enable the preparation, completion and execution of the appropriate legal documentation required for the disposal of the Hydraulic Pumphouse site.


(4)       To vire £160,000 from the Pumphouse Enveloping budget to the new 'Innovation Quarter Infrastructure Budget' and for this budget to be utilised for additional security, landscape and physical measures and feasibility/surveys within the Innovation Quarter, subject to the approval of the Cabinet Member for Economic Development and Regeneration.