Minutes of a meeting held on 21st March, 2012.


Present: Councillor Mrs. M. Kelly Owen (Chairman); Councillors R.J. Bertin, Ms. B.E. Brooks, R.F. Curtis, C.P.J. Elmore, N.P. Hodges, H.J.W. James, R.L. Traherne and E.T. Williams.


Representatives of Town and Community Councils:  Councillor Mrs. S. Hodges (Barry Town Council), Councillor L. Taylor (Cowbridge with Llanblethian Town Council), Councillor E. Hacker (Llantwit Major Town Council), Councillor Mrs. J.R. Baker (Penarth Town Council), Councillor Mrs. M. Hayley (Dinas Powys Community Council), Councillor Mrs. S.A. Wilson (Ewenny Community Council), Councillor P. King (Llandough Community Council), Councillor M. Hurst (Llandow Community Council), Councillor J. Teague (Llanfair Community Council), Councillor C. Tutton (Pendoylan Community Council), Councillor S. Haines (St. Athan Community Council), Councillor A. Wilson (St. Brides Major Community Council), Councillor Mrs G. Rawson (St. Nicholas and Bonvilston Community Council) and Councillor B. Williams (Wenvoe Community Council).





These were received from Councillors Mrs. J.E. Charles (Vice-Chairman), Councillors Mrs. S.M. Bagstaff and Mrs. V.M. Hartrey (Vale of Glamorgan Council); Councillor I. Moody (Wenvoe Community Council) and Welsh St. Donats Community Council.



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AGREED - T H A T the minutes of the meeting held on 18th January, 2012 be accepted as a correct record.





No declarations were received.





Inspector Mark Taylor informed the Committee of various matters since the meeting on 18th January 2012 as detailed below:

  • An 87 year old had been attacked in Cowbridge with their handbag being stolen.  An arrest had been made and the person had been imprisoned for two years.
  • A Metal thefts operation was being undertaken with Cardiff and Barry  Fire Service and the respective Trading Standards Departments.
  • Other issues also to be targeted in partnership were vehicle thefts, litter and drug taking issues.
  • Local PCSOs were currently engaged in carrying out Intelligence based surveys and asking a series of questions in relation to quality of life issues in two wards in Barry.  The information would be collated and reported in order to assist Police operations in communities.
  • Loose horses – further to the previous meeting Inspector Taylor could report that good working relationships existed between the Police, Bridgend and the Vale of Glamorgan Councils in addressing the issue and improvements to processes had been made. A number of perpetrators had also been processed within the Criminal Justice System although Welsh Government legislation was also urgently required to address the matter.
  • The Police front desk at Penarth was due to close similarly to the one in Cowbridge.  However, Inspector Taylor assured Members that this did not mean the Police would be retreating from towns and villages but that Police presence would be dealt with in a different way i.e. by the use of vehicles i.e. mini bus, which opens out into a standing display area.  The closures had been considered necessary due to the limited footfall visiting the premises on a daily basis and in light of limited resources.  The statistics showed that only 5 to 6 people utilised the facilities on a daily basis with requests in the main being for directional information.

Members raised the issue of the effectiveness of PACT meetings and Inspector Taylor advised that PACT meetings were being undertaken in various ways throughout the Vale  e.g. coffee mornings, in some areas PCSOs were visiting village halls and engaging in various meetings and in the rural areas of the Vale engagement meetings were being undertaken.  In the main this new approach was proving successful.


Having considered the report it was


AGREED - T H A T Inspector Taylor be thanked for his comprehensive presentation.





The Committee had, at its last meeting, requested an update report on civil parking enforcement in the Vale and were advised that the Vale of Glamorgan Council Cabinet had, on 19th January 2011, considered a report in respect of the then current position regarding Civil Parking Enforcement (CPE) and had been presented with a business case which supported the proposal that the Council progressed an application to the Welsh Government to become a Civil Enforcement Authority..


On 29th February 2012 a further report was presented to Cabinet which detailed the progress to date in respect of the issue and requesting Cabinet approval to progress with a joint service provision of Civil Parking Enforcement (CPE) with Bridgend County Borough Council.  In addition, approval was also sought for the Cabinet Member for Visible and Building Services to be granted delegated authority to agree the apportionment of costs and income and to appoint a back office provider. 


The Group Engineer (Highway Projects and Traffic Management) stated that that it was intended that the Council would obtain CPE powers from the Welsh Government by April 2013.  A programme which indicated the steps required to progress such an application to the Welsh Government was attached at Appendix A to the report.


Part of the application process to the Welsh Government required the Council to undertake a review of Traffic Regulation Orders (TROs) and to ensure that the associated signs and lines were fit for purpose.  Following a competitive tendering process Alpha Parking had been appointed to undertake the review of existing TROs, signs and lines with a tender sum of £47,987.  The report noted that any discrepancies between the TROs, signs and lines would have to be addressed prior to any submission to the Welsh Government.  The Council intended to present details of TRO schedules in a map format and a software package called ParkMap had been purchased to assist in the process.  In addition the submission had to also include the following:

  • the Council's Parking Management Strategy;
  • a Financial Assessment;
  • an indication as to how the Notice Processing function will be undertaken;
  • the proposed number and deployment of Civil Enforcement Officers (CEOs);
  • the proposed extent of the training of CEOs;
  • a description of the uniforms and equipment to be provided to CEOs;
  • the proposed Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) levels;
  • the proposed methods of payment to be made available;
  • proposed exemptions and dispensations;
  • proposals for vehicle immobilisation and removal;
  • proposals for dealing with representations and appeals;
  • the proposed method of adjudication;
  • the proposed method of PCN recovery;
  • the proposed publicity programme;
  • the proposed consultation list;
  • the proposed reporting method to be used. 

The Committee was further informed that the Vale of Glamorgan Council and Bridgend County Borough Council had established a Joint Working Programme Board to consider opportunities for joint service provision.  A Project Team had been established comprising officers from both Authorities  the Vale Council’s Head of Visible Services, Mr. Miles Punter, was the Project Board Chairman and Mr. Gary Owen, Client and Business Team Leader with Bridgend County Borough Council, was the project manager with day to day responsibilities for planning and management of the project throughout all its stages.


Inspector Taylor advised that since the removal of Traffic Wardens from the area, PCSOs had been provided to assist in addressing the ongoing on-street parking issues.  He confirmed the Police’s willingness to work with the Local Authorities and the flexibility to utilise PCSOs where possible.  The Group Engineer also wished to remind the Committee that the enforcement powers remained with the Police until the Welsh Government had agreed the application.


Some Members expressed concern as to the delay in obtaining enforcement powers but were advised by the Group Engineer that it was recognised that the process took approximately two years to conclude because of the large number of issues to be addressed as part of the application.  Concern was also expressed in relation to the number of traffic wardens that would be available in the area, with the Group Engineer responding that it would be important not to over recruit so as to ensure that there was a balance between the number of officers appointed and the income generated from the number of tickets issued.  The Cabinet Member, Councillor H. J. W. James, also referred to the significant amount of work that had to be undertaken in submitting an application i.e. that major audits of lines and road signage had to be undertaken and that the Council was learning lessons from the process that had been undertaken by Cardiff Council.  He concurred with Members that he would like to see Civil Parking Enforcement established as soon as possible but there were many aspects to obtaining approval. Representatives from the Town and Community Councils took the opportunity to thank the Group Engineer for a comprehensive report and for the sharing of the information and welcomed the work that had been undertaken to date, following which it was


RECOMMENDED - T H A T the report be noted and the way forward supported.


Reason for recommendation


In view of the requirements for the application process.





The Director of Environmental and Economic Regeneration, as the Senior Responsible Officer for Prosiect Gwyrdd, informed Members that the project was one of the most successful collaborative projects that had been established to deal with environment issues with the aim being to move away from landfill by minimising the disposal of household waste.  It was a partnership between Caerphilly, Cardiff, Monmouthshire, Newport and the Vale of Glamorgan Councils.  The Welsh Assembly Government had outlined a 70% recycling and composting target for Councils by 2025 and each Authority was striving to meet this target.  With regard to the Vale of Glamorgan, the Vale had taken the decision in 2011 to co-mingle all dry recycling which had made a significant difference to the collection rates along with the kitchen waste service.  One of the main issues for the Authority was actually getting people who were less interested in recycling to participate in the process.


The project was reaching a conclusion in relation to the final bidder being accepted, a complex procurement process had been undertaken and invitations to tender had been issued with 14 original submissions having been reduced to 2 current bids, from the firms Veolia and Viridor.  Viridor had planning permission in place in Cardiff and Veolia were in the process of making an application for a site in Newport.  The intention was that whichever company was successful, the Authority for that area would take the lead in the process and a Joint Working Agreement would be established with the remaining four Local Authorities.  Committee was advised that there were legal reasons why a contractor could not contract with five Authorities, hence a lead had to be identified. 


AGREED - T H A T the Director of Environmental and Economic Regeneration be thanked for his update report in relation to the Prosiect Gwyrdd Partnership for Sustainable Waste Management.





The Fire Service statistics for Barry, Cowbridge, Llantwit Major and Penarth for the period 2011 to 2012 were presented to Members for information.  During consideration it was noted that the Fire Service Officer would be in attendance at the July meeting to provide his annual report.  It was subsequently


AGREED - T H A T the Fire Service statistics as contained within the report be noted.