Minutes of a meeting held on 12th June, 2012.


Present: Councillors H.C. Hamilton, J.W. Thomas and Mrs. M.R. Wilkinson.


Also present: Responsible Authority - Licensing Officer. 


The Democratic and Scrutiny Officer outlined the procedure for the hearing as contained within the agenda and advised that further copies were available at the meeting if required.


(a)       Appointment of Chairman -


Councillor J.W. Thomas was elected Chairman for the duration of the hearing.



(b)       Declarations of Interest -


No declarations were received.



(c)        Licensing Act 2003 – Application for a Club Premises Certificate: Windsor Lawn Tennis Club, Larkwood Avenue, Penarth –


Also present:

Mr. J. Richards, (Applicant) - Honorary Chairman of the Tennis Club,

Mr. A. Marsh.


The Licensing Officer, in presenting the report to the Sub-Committee, advised that the application had been submitted by Windsor Lawn Tennis Club for a Club Premises Certificate under the Licensing Act 2003 for the premises at Larkwood Avenue, Penarth.  The application requested permission for the supply of alcohol to club members and guests between the hours of 12:00 and 23:00 seven days a week.  A copy of the relevant parts of the application were attached at Appendix A to the report.  The sub-committee was informed that no representations had been received from responsible authorities in relation to the application, however during the consultation period, four representations had been received from Interested Parties, which were attached at Appendix B to the report. 


The Licensing Officer also advised that the interested parties had been informed by letter that only some of the matters raised in their representations could be considered as objections under the Licensing Act 2003.  There were no interested parties present at the hearing.


In presenting the application Mr. J. Richards stated that the Club had been formed 98 years ago and had been approved as a gold standard club under the Lawn Tennis Association’s standards, they had over 340 members and were a family club.  Their aim was to encourage tennis for all ages and at all levels.  The application requested permission for the supply of alcohol to club members and guests for social reasons, they also currently supplied food to travelling away teams and wished to extend the social element to include alcoholic drinks. To accommodate previous events they had in the past applied for up to 10 temporary event licences per year.


Although there were no interested parties present at the hearing, Mr Richards informed Members that the club was “very much a Penarth and family club”   and were not applying for a music licence. In his opinion the local residents would not notice “a lot of difference” as it was the intention to manage the club as previously with the addition of offering the facility of alcohol. He stated that as a Club they strongly believed they had considered all the licensing objectives and that they were a professional and family club and wished to maintain that status.  For Members’ information it was also their intention to install an alarm system.


Members queried with the Licensing officer if any complaints had been received in relation to the premises and they were advised that no evidence had been submitted of any complaints having been made.


There being no further questions the Members of the Sub-Committee retired to consider the matter in private.


Having considered the application, the written representations submitted by the interested parties, the Home Office Guidance, the objectives of the Licensing Act 2003, the Council’s Statement of Licensing Policy, and the representations made at the hearing by the Applicant, the Sub-Committee


RESOLVED – T H A T the application be granted as applied for subject to the following conditions:


(1)       Supply of alcohol between the hours of 12.00 and 23.00 seven days a week.


(2)       The conditions as set out in the Applicant’s operating schedule.


(3)       The premises to operate a Challenge 25 policy. Staff to be trained to request the appropriate identification from any person who appeared to the member of staff to be under the age of 25.  Only photographic ID to be accepted to prove the person’s age such as a passport or driving licence or PASS accredited card.


Reason for decisions


The Sub-Committee considered the representations of the interested parties but noted that many of these were not relevant to the licensing objectives.  The main concerns of the interested parties relevant to the licensing objectives were the concerns regarding noise and anti social behaviour.

The Sub-Committee were of the opinion that if properly managed the application should not lead to an increase in noise or anti social behaviour in the area.