Cabinet - 21st February, 2011



C1215                        VALE OF GLAMORGAN LOCAL ACCESS FORUM -


The following minutes of a meeting held on 26th January, 2011 were submitted:


Present:  Mr. F. Coleman (Chairman); Councillor A.M. Ernest (Vice-Chairman); Mr. G.D. Cubbin, Mrs. V.M. Hartrey, Mr. J.J. Herbert, Mrs. H. March, Mr. H.S. McMillan, Mr. R. Pittard, Mrs. L. Stuart and Mr. R. Traherne.


Mr. J. Wyatt, Mr. B. Guy, Mr. G.W. Teague and Ms. L Turner (Vale of Glamorgan Council).




(a)    Apologies for Absence -


These were received from Ms. A. Duddridge, Mr. M. Moss, Mr. M. Parry, Ms. A. Phillips, Mr. R. Simpson, Mrs. V. Warlow and Ms. S. Tindal (CCW).



(b)    The Vale of Glamorgan Local Development Plan (LDP) -


The Chairman welcomed Ms. Turner, Principal Planner within the Planning and Transportation Policy Division to the meeting.  Ms. Turner gave a presentation to the LAF, addressing the principal issues of:


·            What is the LDP?

·            What are the main differences between UDPs and LDPs?

·            The LDP process

·            LDP progress to date and how to become involved in that process

·            How and when representations would be sought

·            Sections within the LDP of particular relevance to the LAF.


She drew particular attention to the requirement for increased community involvement in the preparation of the LDP, the increased emphasis on sustainable development, the need for policies to be evidence based, realistic and deliverable and to the relatively new concept of tests of soundness.  She stressed that any representation against the LDP would need to identify clearly which test(s) of soundness the objector felt had not been met.  She referred to the timetable for the production of the LDP having slipped from that originally envisaged but that the 6 week consultation period was anticipated in May/June 2011.  A second round of consultation would follow and the indicative timetable for the remaining stages showed adoption

of the Plan in April 2013. 


Subsequent questions included the potential implications of the Localism Bill on the content of the Plan, Ms. Turner commenting that, regardless of the Bill and its relevance to Wales, Community Councils were statutory consultees and reiterating the particular emphasis on community involvement in the whole process which it was anticipated would identify issues of local importance.  Regard had been paid in the preparation of the Plan to both the Council’s Walking and Cycling Strategy and Tourism Strategy.  In response to questions regarding regional and cross border issues, Ms. Turner referred to the emphasis within the process to collaborative working, indicating that this Council’s progress in the process was roughly on a par with that of Bridgend.


Other matters briefly touched upon included the need to ensure that the content of the LDP was deliverable and realistic, Ms. Turner commenting that there were extant funding streams which could be tapped into and stressing the flexibility built into the Plan which could accommodate such changes deemed necessary.


Following the conclusion of the question and answer session, the Chairman thanked Ms. Turner for her interesting presentation and informative responses.



(c)   Minutes -


AGREED - T H A T the minutes of the meeting held on 10th November, 2010 be approved as a correct record subject to Minute Nos. (c)(ii) and (d) being amended as indicated in the report. 


The following updates were provided to Members:


(i)    The current position relating to the LAF and CCW in light of the information contained within the minutes concerning Ms. S. Tindal


Mr. Pittard raised the above matter, given that LAFs were statutory bodies and that CCW had a role to play in overseeing their work.  The Secretary, in response, indicated that Ms. Tindal had made it clear that she and CCW would remain open to queries from LAFS despite the current limited resources which had resulted in a restructuring of workloads.  Mr. Guy alluded to WAG proposals for a review and potential merger of various environmental bodies (including CCW).


The Chairman agreed to raise the issue at the next LAF Chairs meeting.



(ii)    Vale of Glamorgan Walking Festival -


Mrs. March asked whether the VOG Walking Festival would be taking place in 2011.  The Chairman stated that he had received a reply to his letter to the Leader in respect of financial assistance being made available for the event which indicated that the matter had been referred to the Finance Department.  Discussion ensued as to whether that was in fact the optimum way forward given the Festival had previously received funding from the Events Budget.  It was agreed that Mr. Guy should look into the matter and liaise with the appropriate departments.


(iii)    Penarth Town Trail


The Vice-Chairman notified the LAF that he had raised the matter of signage with the Cardiff Harbour Authority.  He had since been informed that there were plans for signposting within Cardiff Bay and the Marina, which would include the Penarth side of the river. 


(iv)    Wales Coast Path


Mr. Pittard indicated that he was uncertain as to whether the £315k. referred to in the minutes was in fact European funding and inquired as to the position regarding marketing in the Vale.  It was agreed that Ms. Cottnam would prepare an update report for dissemination to all Members of the LAF with the minutes of the meeting.




















Verbal update to be given at the meeting.




This was addressed and the request referred to the Events Manager.  However Valeways decided not to progress with an application.












Report to be considered later in the meeting

(d)    Synopsis taken from the Notes of the Meeting of the Chairs of LAFs in Wales held on 12th October, 2010 -


The Chairman referred to the matter of a letter being sent to the WAG Minister in respect of ROWIP and CAIP funding, indicating that it had subsequently been deemed inappropriate to do so.



(e)    Synopsis taken from the Notes of the meeting of the NAFW held on 9th November, 2010 -


The Chairman expressed concern in relation to the way in which the involvement of community councils was being promoted at the NAFW.  Members agreed with the Chairman that this was a matter best dealt with by the Public Rights of Way Officer who had in fact already taken a report on the issue

to the Council’s Community Liaison Committee.  Mr. Pittard then updated Members on the other topics discussed at the NAFW.


A copy of the manifesto addressed to all present and prospective members of the National Assembly was appended to the report.  The manifesto referred to the great concern of the NAFW in relation to the availability of future funding for the ROWIP and the All Wales Coastal Path and called for funding to be maintained beyond 2012.  To date, no information as to that future funding had been received.

















(f)    Consultation on Level Crossings -


A copy of Mr. Teague’s response to the Law Commission in respect of the above had been circulated with the agenda.  The letter encompassed those points made by members of the LAF and Mr. Teague was congratulated on its content.  He agreed to investigate whether any other department within the Council had been involved in the consultation process, commenting that the consultation period had ended some time ago and that, in fact, the PROW Team had not been directly consulted by the Law Commission. 




Highways Development unaware of consultation.  Copy and LAF response forwarded to them.

 (g)    PROW Orders Update and Definitive Map Modification Order Tracking -


The LAF received a report in relation to both of the above matters. In response to a query as to the terminology used to describe the current position in respect of Definitive Map Modification Order tracking, officers were requested to make it clear in the report that the word “closed” related to the file having been closed. It was suggested that “completed” be used instead.  In response to a question as to ref. 53B-007, he confirmed that the appeal in relation to the application was still ongoing.




Report edited to indicate “complete”.

(h)    ROWIP and CAIP -


Mr. Teague updated the LAF on the contents of his report, commenting in respect of the ROWIP that


·            feedback on the survey findings was anticipated shortly and that several alternative schemes had now been agreed with CCW to meet the consequential underspend

·            the track through Leckwith Woods had yet to be completed.


Mr. Teague agreed to submit a report on the details relating to the redevelopments at Leckwith Woods and its environs at the next meeting. The proposal made later in the meeting that a site visit be held at Leckwith Woods was welcomed.


As regards the CAIP, Mr. Teague confirmed that alternative options were being assessed to address the drainage issues at Porthkerry Country Park given the prohibitive costs of implementing the original scheme.  He drew particular attention to the substantial task of concluding the Highways Act s.25 Creation and Dedication agreements given the various landowners involved and the differing requirements of each.  Negotiations were still ongoing to secure future access arrangements and the use by right of de facto paths.  Discussion also briefly touched upon the crossing point over the River Ogmore and access issues relating to the route St. Mary Well Bay to Sully at Lavernock.




Report to be considered later in the meeting.  Site visit held prior to the meeting.









As CAIP report

(i)    Timetable of Meetings 2010/11 -




(1)   T H A T meetings continue to be held on Wednesdays at 5.30 p.m. and that the following dates be agreed:


·            20th April, 2011

·            27th July, 2011

·            9th November, 2011

·            22nd February, 2012

·            16th May, 2012.


(2)   T H A T it be noted that consideration would be given to amending the date of the meeting in November, if required, to accord with the date of the meeting of the NAFW.


(3)   T H A T consideration be given to scheduling site visits prior to the meetings in April and July.















Date subsequently changed to 16th November

(j)     Any Other Business -


(i)     Smart Coasts Scheme


Mr. Cubbin enquired as to why the Council had not signed up to the above cross border £3.7m. initiative which was designed to maximise the potential of the coastline on both sides of the Irish Sea.  Mr. Guy would look into the matter and update Members.


(ii)    Footpath No. 5, Sully


Mrs. Stuart referred to horses straying from the field adjacent to the Glebe Field onto the main road and footpath 5. 

Discussion ensued on her query as to what could be done to

prevent that situation, Mr. Teague agreeing to pass her details onto the Estates Section if the field in question was shown to be managed by the Council.


(iii)    Fieldfare Trust


The Chairman drew attention to the above body which was in the process of establishing phototrails on the web which provided a series of walking guides in various areas.


(iv)   Walkers Are Welcome Status


Mrs. March notified Members that Llantwit Major Town Council was actively pursuing Walkers are Welcome status.






Mr. Guy to provide a verbal update at the meeting.


- - - - - - - - - -


RESOLVED - T H A T the minutes be noted.


Reason for decision


To be aware of the views of the Vale of Glamorgan Local Access Forum.