Agenda Item No


Agenda Item No


The Vale of Glamorgan Council


Cabinet Meeting: 7th September, 2011


Report of the Cabinet Member for Planning and Transportation


Bridgend Deposit Local Development Plan 2006 - 2021 Consultation


Purpose of the Report

1.             The purpose of this report is to advise Cabinet of the release of Bridgend County Borough Council's (BCBC) Deposit Local Development Plan 2006 - 2021 (LDP) and to highlight matters which may have cross boundary implications for the Vale of Glamorgan Council. 


1.             That the comments contained within this report are submitted to BCBC on the appropriate forms as the Vale of Glamorgan Council's formal response to BCBC's Deposit Local Development Plan consultation.

2.             That a copy of this report be submitted to Planning Committee for information purposes.

Reasons for the Recommendations

1.             To obtain Cabinet's endorsement of the response to Bridgend County Borough Council in respect of their Deposit Local Development Plan. 

2.             To ensure Planning Committee is informed of progress with Bridgend County Borough Council's Local Development Plan.


2.             The Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act 2004 requires each Local Planning Authority in Wales to prepare a LDP to guide and control the development of land within their legislative boundary.  In preparing LDPs, Local Planning Authorities are required to work in partnership with neighbouring authorities to identify cross boundary issues, and to also formally consult them on the content and scope of their LDPs.

3.             Cabinet will recall my report of the 25th March 2009, regarding the consultation on BCBC's Draft Preferred Strategy and Initial Sustainability Appraisal Report published in February 2009. BCBC has considered the comments received in response to their pre-deposit LDP consultation and prepared a Deposit LDP. While the Town and Country Planning (Local Development Plan)(Wales) Regulations 2005 specify a minimum 6 week consultation period, BCBC have defined a 10 week consultation period in recognition of the fact that the consultation is taking place during the summer period. The formal consultation period runs from Monday 4th July 2011 until 5.00pm on Friday the 9th September 2011. The deposit documents include the Deposit LDP and proposals map together with a supporting documentation on a wide range of topics e.g. Affordable Housing Viability Statement, Employment Land Review.

4.             All of the deposit documents can be viewed on BCBC's web site at: .

Relevant Issues and Options

5.             The BCBC Deposit LDP:

·               Sets out the national, regional and local policy context and the role and purpose of the Plan and outlines the key environmental, social and economic issues for Bridgend (Chapter 1);

·               Sets out the Vision and the four strategic objectives for the Plan and sets out the strategy that will guide future development within BCBC during the plan period (Chapter 2);

·               Is based on the four strategic objectives namely: Producing High Quality Sustainable Places; Protecting and Enhancing the Environment; To Spread Prosperity and Opportunity Through Regeneration and To Create Safe, Healthy and Inclusive Environments (Chapters 3 - 6)

·               Outlines the detailed monitoring framework including the targets and indicators that will be used to assess the effectiveness of the Plan (Chapter 7);

·               Provides details on the Supplementary Planning Guidance that will be produced to supplement and expand upon the relevant policies within the Plan (Chapter 8); and

·               Chapter 9 focuses on the delivery and implementation of the land use allocations within the Plan.

The Deposit LDP is accompanied by a Proposals Map on an Ordnance Survey base which shows the geographical location of the various land use allocations and designations that are included in the Plan.

6.             The Vision for the BCBC Deposit LDP has been amended following the previous consultation, and now states that: "By 2021, Bridgend County Borough will be transformed to become a sustainable, safe, healthy and inclusive network of communities comprising strong, interdependent and connected settlements that can offer opportunities, an improved quality of life and environment for all people living, working, visiting and relaxing in the area." As in the pre-deposit proposals it is envisaged that this vision will be delivered through four strategic objectives, namely:

·               To produce high quality sustainable Places.

·               To protect and enhance the Environment.

·               To spread prosperity and opportunity through Regeneration.

·               To create safe, healthy and inclusive Communities.

7.             As in the Pre Deposit LDP the Deposit Plan identifies four Strategic Regeneration Growth Areas and four Strategic Employment Sites which collectively will deliver a range of mixed use developments and facilities the implementation of which will contribute to fulfilling the LDP Vision and objectives. The four Strategic Regeneration Growth Areas are located at:

·               Bridgend;

·               Porthcawl;

·               Maesteg and the Llynfi Valley; and

·               The Valleys Gateway

·               And the four Strategic Employment Sites are located at:

·               Brocastle, Waterton, Bridgend

·               Island Farm, Bridgend

·               Pencoed Technology Park, Pencoed; and

·               Ty Draw Farm, North Cornelly

8.             The various elements of the BCBC strategy are illustrated on the Strategic Diagram attached at Appendix 1.

9.             In terms of significant impacts upon the Vale of Glamorgan stemming from the BCBC LDP, these are most likely from employment and housing allocations and in this regard the area to the south east of Bridgend extending into Brocastle is included within one of the four Strategic Regeneration Growth Areas identified above. This includes provision for a 46 Hectare Strategic Employment site (SP9 (1)) at Brocastle, a 126 Hectare employment site (REG1 (8)) at Waterton Industrial Estate (although much of this site has already been developed) and a possible waste treatment facility (although a preference for an alternative site has been identified). While no objections to these allocations have been raised the Council's concerns with regard to traffic generation and the impact upon the vale's strategic highway network have been expressed.

10.        With regard to housing allocations, the BCBC LDP allocates land for 9000 houses an increase of 900 units on the figure provided within the pre deposit proposals. However as housing is now a matter for each individual local authority to consider and is not based upon a regional apportionment, this increase is not considered to have a direct impact upon the Vale of Glamorgan.  With regard to specific allocations, while a small number of sites have been identified within the vicinity of the inter authority boundary no significant housing sites have been allocated that would have a significant impact upon the Vale of Glamorgan.

11.        BCBC have provided a comment form for responses to ensure that the consultation remains focussed. It is the Council's intention to complete and submit the consultation form to BCBC by the closing date of 9th September 2011.  However for ease of reference for this report, a table summarising the Council's comments is contained at Appendix 2 to this report. 

Resource Implications (Financial and Employment and Climate Change, if appropriate)

12.        The response to this report has been prepared within the Planning and Transportation budget.

Legal Implications (to Include Human Rights Implications)

13.        None applicable to this report.

Crime and Disorder Implications

14.        None applicable to this report

Equal Opportunities Implications (to include Welsh Language issues)

15.        The consultation process by BCBC on its deposit consultation document offers all interested parties the ability to formally comment on the proposals. BCBC does not appear to have published the consultation documents bilingually.

Corporate/Service Objectives

16.        Commenting on and keeping up to date with adjoining local authority's LDPs is an important part of the Planning and Transportation Division's work. Liaising with adjoining local authorities in respect of Planning and other matters is corporately important to ensure consistency of proposals and decisions on a regional basis. 

Policy Framework and Budget

17.        This report is a matter for Executive decision by Cabinet.

Consultation (including Ward Member Consultation)

18.        There has been no ward member consultation undertaken on this report as the matters contained within it are of a general rather than a specific nature.

Relevant Scrutiny Committee

19.        Economy and Environment.

Background Papers

Deposit Bridgend Local Development Plan 2006-2021 and supporting documentation.


Contact Officer

John Marks - Senior Planning Officer (Planning & Transportation Policy)

Tel: - 01446 704629


Officers Consulted

Head of Financial Services

Head of Legal Services

Operational Manager Development Management and Building Standards

Operational Manager Highways and Engineering

Operational Manager Waste Management


Operational Manager Countryside and Economic Projects

Operational Manager Leisure and Tourism

Head of Public Protection

Head of Housing


Responsible Officer:

Rob Quick - Director of Environmental and Economic Regeneration.