Agenda Item No.





Minutes of an Annual meeting held on 22nd June, 2011 at the Norwegian Church, Cardiff Bay.





Councillor P. Church

Vale of Glamorgan Council

Mrs. C. Dimond

Cardiff Flood Action Committee

Mr. A. Rees

Glamorgan Anglers

Mr. J. Harrison

Environment Agency

Mrs. S. Newbold



Also present:


Mr. S. Howell

Cardiff Harbour Authority

Mr. P. Barry


Mrs. K. Bowen

Vale of Glamorgan Council.



(a)       Appointment of Chairman -


AGREED - T H A T Councillor P. Church be re-appointed Chairman for the ensuing municipal year.



(b)       Appointment of Vice-Chairman -


AGREED - T H A T Mrs. C. Dimond be re-appointed Vice-Chairman for the ensuing municipal year.



(c)        Apologies for Absence -


These were received from Councillor N. Howells (Cardiff Council), Councillor A.M. Ernest (Penarth Town Council), Mr. S. Jones (Penarth Marina) and Mr. M. Chidlow (Harbour Master).



(d)       Minutes -


AGREED - T H A T the minutes of the meeting held on 16th March, 2011 be accepted as a correct record.


Members referred to improvements made to the fish counting system but both Simon Howell and John Harrison had no further updates on the matter since it was discussed at the last meeting.



(e)       Progress Update - Cardiff Harbour Authority - Mr. Simon Howell -


Mr. Howell, the Operational Manager for the Harbour Authority apprised the Committee on the following matters:




The annual dredging campaign was due to commence on 24th July, 2011 to maintain access from the Barrage.  This would take approximately three weeks and would cause minor disruption to boat users navigating the locks.


A new automated road barrier had been installed on the Barrage it was operational and would enable more efficient access onto the Barrage for vehicles when necessary.


The Adizone had been completed and was providing a further attraction on the Barrage. 


With regard to high flow conditions, no significant high flows had been experienced since the last meeting and the recent rain fall had increased the base river flows which it was hoped would assist the Cardiff Harbour Authority to operate without lock restrictions during the coming weeks. 


Midge larvae numbers had remained low since the first application of larvicide in the spring and monitoring had continued. 


The Authority would continue to deal with dikerogammarus and had implemented approved bio-security measures of the specialist technical advisory group (STAG). 


With regard to water quality no major issues had taken place since the last meeting of the Committee.  Two recorded values had fallen marginally below the 5 mgs standard but had been dealt with through adjustments to the aeration equipment. 




An oil pollution incident had taken place in the River Ely within the last week which had resulted in booming off an area and collecting off the surface for disposal.  However, the actual amounts taken away had been relatively small.  Over the Easter weekend, the Harbour Authority had dealt with an algae bloom on the River Ely upstream of Western District PS. The approved procedures had been followed which had included putting signs up about preventing access to canoes etc during this period. 


General Issues


The Pont y Werin Bridge had had a number of technical issues since it had been completed which had resulted in problems with the opening and closing of the bridge which had been due to temperature variations.  A slight re-design of the hydraulic system appeared to have resolved the matter and the bridge operation was now more reliable.


The Premier Canoe Slalom Event held at CIWW on 18th and 19th June had been a real success and many Olympic hopefuls had attended ahead of the 2012 Olympics.


In conjunction with National Bike Week on Sunday, 26th June the Barrage would be one of the locations for a 20 mile bike ride in partnership with Cancer Research Wales. 


Mr. Howell could also report that the 'Gull and Leek Pub' would be officially opened on Flat Holm Island on Friday, 24th June by Councillor Delme Bowen the Lord Mayor of Cardiff and the International Food and Drink Festival would  take place on 8th, 9th and 10th July, 2011. 


Having considered the report it was


AGREED - T H A T Mr. Howell be thanked for his informative report.



(f)         Progress / Update - Environment Agency -


Mr. Harrison advised that the Environment Agency was currently dealing with the ongoing sporadic low level pollution in the area and that they were also dealing with a diesel spillage in the Taff which they were trying to stop going into the river stream. However, they did not anticipate it having any effect on Cardiff Bay.  A news release was also anticipated in respect of this matter.

With regard to the recent weather conditions, the dry flows had caused concern but in view of recent changes that concern had now subsided.


Reference was made to joint working and consistent approaches and Mr. Harrison could advise that in considering these approaches a recent meeting which the Cardiff Harbour Authority had taken part in had been with the Bristol Channel Standing Environment Group that looked at planning for major marine incidents in the Channel.  The Group would continue to work together to consider ways in addressing issues collectively and for the future.


Mr. Harrison then referred to the Welsh Government Review of Environment Bodies in Wales the options for which were due to be announced in September 2011.


AGREED - T H a T Mr. Harrison be thanked for his report.



(g)       Timetable of Meetings (Report of the Clerk) -


The report detailed suggested dates for future meetings of the Committee as detailed below:





Wednesday, 21st September, 2011 at 5.15 p.m.


Cardiff Bay Harbour Authority Offices


Wednesday, 23rd November, 2011 at 5.15 p.m.




Wednesday, 18th January, 2012 at 5.15 p.m.




Thursday, 15th March, 2012 at 5.15 p.m.




Wednesday, 6th June, 2012 at 5.15 p.m. (Annual Meeting)




AGREED - T H A T the Timetable of Meetings as detailed above be approved.



(h)        Revised Agreement for Cardiff Harbour Authority Function (Information Only Report) -


The report detailed the proposed budgetary and revised arrangements and budgetary arrangements that would be available from the Welsh Government to enable Cardiff Council to continue to undertake the Harbour Authority function.


AGREED - T H A T the contents of the report presented to Cardiff Council's Executive Meeting on 7th April, 2011 be noted.



(i)         Any Other Business -


Mr. John Harrison took the opportunity to refer to the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust which offered approximately 100 British citizens a Fellowship each year for a wide range of projects.  Fellows travel overseas for between 4 - 12 weeks, to widen individuals experience in such a way that he or she can grow in confidence, knowledge, authority and ambition.  Past award winners had included nurses, artists, scientists, engineers, farmers, conservationists, carers, craft workers, artisans, members of the emergency services, sports men and women and young people.  Members of the Committee were provided with relevant literature and requested to inform others of the work of the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust and advise residents of the Vale of Glamorgan of the objectives and purpose of the Trust should they be interested in making an application.



(j)         Date of Next Meeting -


AGREED - T H A T the next meeting be held on Wednesday, 21st September, 2011 at 5.15 p.m. at the Cardiff Harbour Authority Offices.


Members were reminded that a tour of the Norwegian Church would take place immediately following the closure of the meeting in order that the Committee could view the recent refurbishments that had taken place and view what was on offer.