Agenda Item No.





Minutes of a meeting held on 21st September, 2011.





Councillor P. Church (Chairman)

Vale of Glamorgan Council

Mrs. C. Dimond (Vice-Chairman)

Cardiff Flood Action Committee

Councillor A.M. Ernest

Penarth Town Council

Mr. J. Harrison

Environment Agency

Mr. A. Parker

Independent Representative

Dr. S. Howard

Countryside Council for Wales

Councillor N. Howells

Cardiff City Council.


Also present:


Mr. S. Howell

Cardiff Harbour Authority

Mr. P. Barry

Cardiff Yacht Club / RYH

Mrs. K. Bowen

Vale of Glamorgan Council.



(a)       Apologies for Absence -


These were received from Mr. S. Jones (Penarth Marina), Mr. T. Rees (Glamorgan Anglers), Mr. M. Chidlow (Harbour Master), Mrs. S. Newbold (British Marine Federation/CBYC/RYA) and Mr. R. Harvey (Canoe Wales).



(b)       Minutes -


AGREED - T H A T the minutes of the Annual meeting held on 22nd June, 2011 be accepted as a correct record.



(c)        Progress Update - Cardiff Harbour Authority - Mr. Simon Howell -


Mr. Howell, the Operational Manager for the Harbour Authority, apprised the Committee on the following matters.


·                    there had been very little oxygen issues over the summer months. 

·                    midge larvae numbers had decreased and remained low throughout the year.

·                    the Environment Agency had recently offered a number of fish (Bream) for the Bay which had been considered a good opportunity to stock the Bay.   

·                    on 16th October for a few days the barrage would be closed to the public in order for maintenance work to be undertaken.

·                    the Harbour Authority was currently looking at plans for events for the forthcoming year, particularly in relation to the Olympics.

·                    the BBC development at the Bay was due to open in October.  There would be some changes to the access road and pedestrian access.

·                    a planning application had recently been submitted for an indoor surf facility

·                    and the sky flyer balloon had recently received planning consent.  However there were currently on going negotiations taking place regarding the terms of the lease, Members would be updated in due course. 


In considering the report Members’ concerns related to parking for the skyflyer. The Operational Manager advised that there was to be some on site parking for disabled users and for staff operating the balloon, but for other the existing parking provision around the Bay would be available.  The Chairman advised the Committee that he was aware that a number of local residents on the Penarth side were possibly going to make an appeal to the Welsh Government in respect of the attraction.


AGREED - T H A T Mr. Howell be thanked for his informative report.



(d)       Progress Update - Environment Agency - Mr. J. Harrison -


Mr. Harrison advised of the good working relationship that continued to exist between the Environment Agency and the Cardiff Harbour Authority.


At the last meeting of the Committee Mr. Harrison had referred to the Welsh Government reviewing the Environment Bodies in Wales with the detail for the options being reported to be announced in September.  However, he had been advised that there was likely to be delayed until later in the year.


Mr Harrison was pleased to inform Members that the River Taff had been noted as one of the most improved rivers in the United Kingdom which could be attributed to a number of initiatives that had been undertaken by a range of partner organisations.  The main challenge for the river would be in identifying future activities and ensuring they are balanced in respect of all users.  Members referred to a company that could possibly be discharging substances into the Bay on the River Ely / Penarth Road Bridge side and were urged to notify the Environment Agency if there were any concerns.  Mr. Harrison advised that a notice had already been served on the company in question to improve their infrastructure and improve waste storage.  All Members were pleased to note that the Environment Agency were monitoring the matter.


With regard to salmon in the Bay, Members were advised that it had been a good year for reproduction but that the current year had not been as encouraging as in previous years. 


AGREED - T H A T Mr. Harrison be thanked for his informative report.



(e)       Information Only Report - Groundwater Code of Practice -


The report had been presented to the Executive of Cardiff Council on 15th September 2011 with approval being sought on the revised Groundwater Code of Practice.  Mr. Howell confirmed that the Committee had been consulted on the original document and that it was before the meeting for information.


AGREED - T H A T the contents of the report be noted.



(f)         Any Other Business -


A letter received from Penarth Town Council was tabled at the meeting for Committee consideration.  The letter referred to the fact that local residents had made complaints that the land at Penarth Marina on the Barrage side of the Pont y Werin Bridge looked “unkempt and projects a poor reflection on the Penarth Marina”.  The Council were asking whether the Cardiff Harbour Authority had any plans to landscape the land or improve its appearance in any way.  Mr. Howell advised that photographs had been received from local residents in relation to the land and these were also tabled for Members at the meeting. In considering the letter and the photographs Members agreed that the land looked unfinished although Mr. Howell could advise that the land remained the same as it had prior to the building working being undertaken.  There were also insufficient funds available to landscape the land. However, Members considered that some sort of planting, small shrubs, etc. could make the site look better than it was.  Mr. Howell agreed to consider the matter again and report back to the Committee. 


AGREED - T H A T a response be forwarded to Penarth Town Council by the Chairman in light of the comments as detailed above.



(g)       Date of Next Meeting -


AGREED - T H A T the next meeting be held on Wednesday, 23rd November 2011 at 5.15 p.m. at the Cardiff Harbour Authority Offices.