Agenda Item No.

Urgent by reason of the need to resolve the issue of the Senior Management Reduction











The decisions of Cabinet in respect of the above and as contained in Minute No. C1446 had been “called-in” by Councillors Mrs. M. R. Randall and N. Moore to allow more detailed consideration.


Cabinet had resolved that:


(1)       the proposed senior management changes be endorsed

(2)       whilst accepting in principle the proposals for the Directorate of Learning and Development, a further report relating to the timing of implementation be submitted to Cabinet having regard to progress made in setting up the Regional Education Consortium

(3)       a further report be submitted on the detailed implementation of the changes (timescale, appointment process, salaries, job descriptions) and such amendments to the Council’s Constitution as may be appropriate

(4)       the position of any senior management displaced be referred as appropriate to the Early Retirement / Redundancy Committee

(5)       the Monitoring Officer be a permanent member of the Corporate Management Team reporting directly to the Managing Director.


Councillor Mrs. Randall was invited to the table at this juncture but declined the offer to speak pending the presentation by the Head of Human Resources of his report as contained with the agenda. 


Councillor Moore indicated that his prime concern in calling-in the decisions of Cabinet was the need to ensure that the proposals relating to the senior management were subject to appropriate scrutiny.  He commended the report of the Head of Human Resources, commenting that the report, inter alia, drew attention to the procedures that would be adopted to bring about a reduction in the senior management and the need for those processes to be seen to be open and transparent in order that any misconceptions as to the way in which the issues were being dealt with could be quashed. 


Particular discussion ensued in respect of the proposals for the Directorate of Learning and Development and the makeup of the Corporate Management Team.  Councillor Randall also referred, in particular, to the need for the proposals to be scrutinised and the proposals for Learning and Development being possibly premature.  With the consent of the Committee, the Leader addressed the issues raised above.  He drew attention, inter alia, to the fact that matters such as job descriptions and pay scales together with those relating to the Directorate of Learning and Development would be submitted in due course, including a report to the Council in December.    


During the course of subsequent discussions reference was made to the need to give further consideration to the proposed designations of posts within the revamped management structure. 


Having considered the above and related matters, it was




(1)       T H A T resolutions (1) to (4) of Cabinet minute C1446 be endorsed.


(2)       T H A T Cabinet be requested to consider amending resolution (5) to read “That the proposals be amended to reflect the need for the Section 151 Officer to attend the Corporate Management Team in addition to the Monitoring Officer, both officers to attend to provide advice but not as part of the Council’s Director (First Tier) Management Structure”.”