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“476    REVIEW OF THE CORPORATE PLAN 2010 -14 (REF - MIN. NO. C1411) -


The draft revised Corporate Plan 2010 -14 had been referred to the Scrutiny Committee by Cabinet on 7th September, 2011 for comment.


The current Corporate Plan had been approved in 2010 and set out a four year vision for the Council.  The Plan was structured around seven corporate priorities and 34 Improvement Objectives and had been updated to inform service planning for 2012/13 which would commence in October 2011 and to assist with the drafting of the Medium Term Financial Plan.  The update had taken account of the revised Community Strategy for 2011-2021 with a more comprehensive review and consultation to be undertaken in 2012. 


A revised Corporate Plan was attached to the report to ensure clarity over what objectives needed to be undertaken to deliver the agreed Improvement Objectives, what activities needed to be revised and any changes in timeframes.  The Plan had also been amended to include reference to a number of new initiatives e.g. working with Bridgend County Borough Council and a greater emphasis on partnership working and area working.


An open session for all Members had also been held on 21st September, 2011.  The revised Plan would be submitted to Council for approval on 7th December, 2011.


In considering the report Members referred to the following:-




Council’s Carbon Footprint

Improvement Objective 27 -  Page 19

Add action R.8


To reduce the Council's carbon footprint by supporting the Council's Carbon Reduction Plan wherever possible.


Page 20 -  Improvement objective 29 - R15  -  Implement the consent for the Barry Waterfront Scheme including a new road link to Barry Island

Reference was made to an EIA addendum and the Director agreed to look into the issue and to respond to Members via email as to whether the addendum had been referred to the Planning Committee.

Page 20 – Improvement Objective 29

Add in action Improve cycle links between Barry and Cardiff Bay.

Fair Trade status

The Council should be seeking to renew the status for the County.

Page 21 – Corporate Priority

“To manage the Council’s workforce, money, information and assets efficiently, effectively and securely.”



Also consider adding in the word “ethically”.

Page 25 – CS3 - Co-locate key agencies - it being noted that in relation to the status detailed in the report the police had now withdrawn from Cadoxton House and the secure unit would be leaving Barry for Cowbridge. 

Although not within the remit of the Committee the matter was raised to provide Members with information on issues that would have an affect on services within the Vale.

Page 35  - CL8 - Dealing with emergency situations

Members requested that they be briefed on the recent incident at Dow Corning and that the information be e‑mailed to all Members. They considered that when such incidents take place all Members should be briefed asap following the incident.


Having discussed the above it was


RECOMMENDED - T H A T the comments and recommendations as detailed above be referred to Cabinet for consideration.


Reason for recommendation


To apprise the Cabinet of the views and comments of the Scrutiny Committee as requested.”