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The Vale of Glamorgan Council


Cabinet: 29th November 2011


Report of the Leader


External Funding Applications


Purpose of the Report

1.             To inform Cabinet of external funding applications submitted/allocated to maximise the amount of external funding grant sought/utilised to support the delivery of corporate objectives. 


1.             That Cabinet agree the Council continue to act as lead body for the revenue funding from the Crime Reduction & Anti-Social Behaviour Grant 2011/12, Safer Communities Fund 2011/12 and Substance Misuse Action Fund 2011/12 channelled through the Safer Vale Partnership and note how funding is being utilised;

2.             That Cabinet authorises the entering into appropriate contractual arrangements for services secured as a result of funding approved under the Crime Reduction & Anti-Social Behaviour Grant, Safer Communities Fund and Substance Misuse Action Fund;     

3.             That Cabinet authorises the submission of the ARBED application for Cadoc and Castleland to Welsh Government covering the period 2012/13. Cabinet to receive a report Autumn 2012 regarding a submission for 2013/14;

4.             That Cabinet authorises the submission of an application for Capital funding of £250k from the Barry Regeneration Area and, if approved, 30k of it be included in the authority's Capital programme each financial year for the period 2012/13 and 2013/14;   

5.             That Cabinet approves the appointment of an Energy Warden for the period 2012/13 to 2013/14, subject to Barry Regeneration Area funding being approved as match funding for the ARBED application to Welsh Government.          

Reasons for the Recommendations

1.             To ensure Cabinet is aware of how funding is being utilised to meet community safety priorities;

2.             That Cabinet approves the entering into appropriate contractual arrangements;

3.             That Cabinet approves the ARBED submission to Welsh Government;

4.             That Cabinet approves the Capital application for Barry Regeneration Area funding as match funding for the ARBED submission to Welsh Government and, if approved, its inclusion in the authority's Capital programme;

5.             That Cabinet authorises the appointment of an Energy Warden to maximise the impact of ARBED activities in the Vale of Glamorgan.   



2.             Corporate Management Team previously agreed procedures to improve the way in which the Council assess and co-ordinates its bids for external grant.

3.             An 'External Funding Framework' covers the practicalities of maximising external funding opportunities to meet corporate objectives. The framework highlights the criteria that potential applicants must address and those applying for external grant to minimise risk to the Council.  

Relevant Issues and Options

Crime Reduction & Anti Social Behaviour 2011/12

4.             The Safer Vale Partnership receives an annual revenue allocation from the Home Office Crime Team in Wales to provide services that address crime and disorder issues in the community. £111,614 was awarded in 2011/12.

5.             The Partnership utilises the funding to address the priorities resulting from their strategic assessment which now feeds into the Vale of Glamorgan Community Strategy. 

6.             Recurring and Non-Recurring Funded Services are commissioned by the Partnership. Recurring Services are those that are needed to address long term need in the Vale and meet the requirements of the Community Strategy.

7.             In 2011/12 the revenue funding awarded to Community Safety Partnerships was cut by 20% with a 40% reduction announced for 2012/13. The indicative allocation for 2012/13 is £56,486.  

8.             The Safer Vale Partnership has proposed the revenue funding available for 2011/12 be utilised as follows:

9.             Partnership Support (£89,364) - This expenditure includes the salary, on costs and occupancy costs of the ASB/PPO (antisocial behaviour and prolific and priority offender) co-ordinator, the community engagement co-ordinator and partnership administrative support. These are existing posts that are required to deliver the Home Office performance targets for ASB/PPO and priority actions within the Community Strategy.     

10.        Gobaith Programme (£22,250) - The Gobaith Programme is the prolific offender support for the Vale of Glamorgan. The Partnership together with Probation and Police have designed a service that meets the requirements of both the National Prolific and Priority Offender Programme and the introduction of the Integrated Offender Management Scheme. The programme is a continuation of the commissioned service from 2010/11.

Safer Communities Fund 2011/12

11.        The purpose of the Safer Communities Fund (SCF) is to support implementation of the principles of the all Wales Youth Offending Strategy (AWYOS), published jointly by the then Assembly Government and the Youth Justice Board (YJB) in July 2004. The AWYOS provides a national framework for preventing offending and re-offending among children and young people In Wales. The aim of the Strategy is to make a real and significant reduction in the rates of youth offending in Wales.

12.        £188,576 was awarded in 2011/12. The fund supports action taken forward locally to identify children and young people at risk of offending and to provide appropriate programmes to re-engage and divert these children and young people, aged 8-18, away from offending behaviour.

13.        The Safer Vale Partnership has identified 3 strands of work that would address offending and the risk of offending, these were

·               Preventing young people from further offending;

·               Intervening where young people were exhibiting risky behaviour;

·               Supporting young people who are perpetrators and victims of ASB

14.        Services commissioned by the Partnership are Recurring Funded Services and Non-Recurring Funded Services. Recurring services are those that are needed to address long term need in the Vale and meet the requirements of the Community Strategy:  

15.        Prevention Programme (£83,892): Commissioned from the Youth Offending Service to reduce offending behaviour with young people referred to the service.

16.        Intervention Programme (£83,385): Commissioned from the Youth Service to provide diversionary activities in areas experiencing high levels of anti social behaviour. Service works closely with ASB Unit to assess levels of reported youth related ASB in hotspot areas.

17.        ASB Support (£21,229): Contribution to the ASB Unit for the cost of supporting youth-related anti social behaviour (currently at 40% of all referrals and support work conducted by the unit).

Substance Misuse Action Fund 2011/12 

18.        The Safer Vale Partnership receives an annual allocation from the Welsh Government to provide services that tackle substance misuse treatment and prevention that complements the Welsh Government's Strategy for Wales: 'Working Together to Reduce Harm'.

19.        An annual allocation is given to all Community Safety Partnerships in Wales. The SaferVale Partnership has confirmed funding of £686,285 for 2011/12 together with indicative funding until March 2013.

20.        Each year the Partnership conducts a strategic assessment, a resource analysis, of all services in the Vale. The assessment identifies gaps in services or community need. Using the information from this assessment, the Partnerships Commissioning group prioritise needs and allocate resources to commission services to address priorities.                

21.        The Welsh Government approves responses identified by each CSP to ensure they meet the requirements of the funding terms and conditions.

22.        The Welsh Governments 10-year substance misuse strategy outlines the four key areas that commissioned services need to address. The Partnership has identified the following services for delivery this year:

Existing Service  

Adult alcohol service                                                   £31,500         

Adult drug service                                                        £75,750

Young Person's Drug Service                                    £32,100

Family support                                                             £90,486

Commissioning & co-ordination support                  £46,252

Tier 3 prescribing service                                           £119,557

Community Addictions Unit                                        £52,750

Opiate prescribing service                                         £40,000

Gobaith Offender service                                           £22,250

Shared care nurse contribution                                  £26,960

Tier 4 residential detox                                               £32,600

Counselling Service                                                    £9,780

New Initiatives for 2011/12

APB support                                                                £25,000

Alcohol Strategy                                                          £10,000

Tier 1 Young Persons' Strategy                                 £50,000

Tier 2 Young Person's Service Design                     £15,000

Shared care support                                                   £6,300

23.        New services have been identified from the partnerships strategic assessment and development work commissioned by the partnership. Both pieces of work highlighted the need to address client needs within the rural Vale and to address current increases in recreational drug use. The partnership has a substance misuse action plan that tackles the Vale's alcohol needs including assessment of need and evaluation of existing services.    


24.        Arbed is a rolling programme of area based investment into energy efficiency measures and renewable energy technologies in existing homes, located in deprived areas of Wales. WG will deliver the measures using their own Scheme Manager(s) who they are currently procuring. The Scheme Manager(s) will determine what appropriate measures are necessary to improve the energy efficiency of the 'hard to heat' housing.     

25.        The Local Authority will be asked to submit proposals to WG for two schemes each year for the next three years starting in 2012/13. It is proposed the Vale of Glamorgan submit an application for Castleland and Castleland covering the first year of Arbed 2 for the period 2012/13.  The application to be submitted to WG in November 2011.

26.        The ARBED submission for the Vale of Glamorgan area brings together a number of organisations, including the Welsh Government, the Vale of Glamorgan Council, Newydd Housing Association, Hafod Housing Association, a yet to be identified utility company and private sector installers to deliver a wide range of sustainability measures, initially in the Cadoc and Castleland wards of Barry. 

27.        Arbed aims to maximise match funding opportunities from all external sources, to secure the maximum local value from the Arbed programme ensuring maximum local impact.  Current projections for the overall Arbed scheme for Wales show an overall potential project value of nearly £6m.

28.        The Vale of Glamorgan Arbed submission to WG includes a potential capital contribution from the Barry Regeneration Area of £750,000 as match funding for Arbed activities delivered in the Vale of Glamorgan area.  

29.        Measures are primarily targeted at individual homes and can have a significant impact on the current and future residents of that property and can make an important contribution in reducing carbon emissions and help alleviate fuel poverty. The contribution being sought from the Barry Regeneration Area fund will be utilised to support those households who do not qualify for any other funding scheme, to enable the Council to employ an Energy Warden for the period  2012/13 and 2013/14 and to enhance the whole community through environmental improvements and wider energy reduction technologies.      


Resource Implications (Financial and Employment and Climate Change, if appropriate)

30.        The Home Office allocation of crime reduction and anti-social behaviour revenue funding for the Vale of Glamorgan for 2011/12 is £111,614 with an indicative allocation of £56,486 for 2012/13. The funding is non-ring fenced and is allocated to the Safer Vale Partnership to deliver services that meet the priorities of the Crime and Disorder Act 1998, Police and Crime Act 2006, Police and Justice Act 2007 together with local priorities within the Community Strategy. Without this funding the Vale of Glamorgan would be unable be able to meet these obligations.

31.        The allocation has historically allowed the partnership to fund co-ordinators to ensure all voluntary and statutory partners are engaged in delivering effective services and support to reduce crime and the fear of crime. This activity is within the guidelines of the allocation and each community safety partnership in Wales has appointed their own co-ordinator for each priority area through their own allocations.  

32.        The Safer Communities revenue funding allocated to the SaferVale Partnership for 2011/12 is £188,576.    

33.        Welsh Government has allocated the Vale of Glamorgan £686,285 revenue funding under the Substance Misuse Action Fund for 2011/12 and notified partnerships of the same level of indicative funding for 2012/13. The fund contributes towards the administration costs of the Antisocial Behaviour Unit. SaferVale personnel employed via both grants are on temporary contracts.              

34.        The Council would act as applicant for the £750,000 requested from Barry Regeneration Area funding to match fund the £45m WG ARBED scheme. The majority of the funding would be internally transferred within WG and used to support those households in Barry who do not qualify for any other grant funding and for environmental improvements. 30k of it would be transferred to the Vale Council each financial year for the periods 2012/13 and 2013/14, used to employ an Energy Warden and be subject to the usual grant offer process, WG grant terms and conditions.     

35.        Opportunities to explore local supplier development regarding the ARBED scheme will be explored with the WG Scheme Manager, if the scheme is approved.        


Legal Implications (to Include Human Rights Implications)

36.        Appropriate contractual arrangements will be entered into for services secured as a result of grant regimes.  

Crime and Disorder Implications

37.        The grants have a positive impact on crime and disorder in the Vale of Glamorgan. The crime reduction and antisocial behaviour grant and safer communities fund enable the commissioning of services which help to prevent crime and disorder and the provision of diversionary activities for young people. The grants also support the employment of Safer Vale Partnership personnel able to intervene and engage when anti-social behaviour occurs highlighting to perpetrators the consequences of their actions.             

Equal Opportunities Implications (to include Welsh Language issues)

38.        The grants would support all members of the community, specifically targeting those who reside in disadvantaged areas. 

Corporate/Service Objectives

39.        The Crime Reduction & Anti Social Behaviour grant, Safer Communities Fund and Neighbourhood Watch Target Hardening project would support the delivery of Improvement Objective 25 'to increase public confidence and the engagement of local communities' and Objective 26 'to reduce anti-social behaviour and reoffending by young people'.

40.        The ARBED project would support the delivery of improvement objective 28 'to encourage economic growth in partnership with others to widen employment opportunities in the Vale'. Specifically R8 'implement the regeneration Framework to encourage private sector investment and to progress economic and environmental issues in the Vale'.    

Policy Framework and Budget

41.        This is a matter for executive decision.  

Consultation (including Ward Member Consultation)

42.        The Safer Vale Partnership's commissioning group has prioritised resources available from the Crime Reduction & Anti Social Behaviour grant, Safer Communities Fund and Substance Misuse Action Fund to allocate funding and commission services to address need as identified by the partnership's strategic assessment. Recommendations of the Commissioning Group have been endorsed by the Safer Vale Partnership Board which consists of a range of partners from the statutory and voluntary sectors. 

43.        The ARBED application was developed following consultation with the Housing Improvement Group, the Renewal Area Steering Group and the Communities First Partnership's. External consultation included the Tenants Forum in November 2011. The Register Social landlords have been consulted including Newydd Housing Association, Hafod and Wales and West. Utility Companies are being consulted to explore if other funding such as CESP funding is available.

44.        More detailed local consultation on the ARBED scheme will occur if the proposed scheme is successful.           

Relevant Scrutiny Committee

45.        Housing and public protection

Background Papers

External funding proforma - crime reduction & anti-social behaviour 2011/12

External funding proforma - safer communities fund 2011/12

External funding proforma - substance misuse action fund 2011/12

External funding proforma - ARBED 


Contact Officer

Mike Jones

Business Manager (Partnerships)


Officers Consulted

Sarah Potts - Community Safety Officer

Rob Lucas - Asset Manager

Laura Davis - Senior Accountant


Responsible Officer:

Huw Isaac

Head of Performance and Development