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The Head of Financial Services introduced the report, drawing attention to the fact that whilst the report had been based upon the provisional settlement, the final settlement had now been announced and that there were no significant changes.  Paragraphs 3 to 8 dealt with matters pertaining to the 2011/12 capita; programme, including details as to the variances between actual and profiled spend.  As regards the capital programme for 2012/13, there was a further reduction in capital funding of 6.8%; in 2013/14 there was a further reduction of 11.5%. Details of the above were contained within and appended to the report, including both the proposed and indicative capital programmes for 2012/13.  Officers had been asked to re-bid on all uncommitted schemes.  Those schemes had then been considered by both the asset management and by the sustainable development groups.  Details as to the unsuccessful bids were also appended to the report.  Given the limited resources available, the Head of Service stressed that there was little room for manoeuvre in relation to capital spending.


The Head of Service explained that only the Scrutiny Committee (Economy and Environment) had submitted comments to this Committee in respect of the capital programme, consideration as to the details of which had been deferred earlier in the meeting.  During the course of subsequent discussion, Members raised several other issues in addition to that referred from the aforementioned Scrutiny Committee.  Having considered all of the matters raised, it was




(1)       T H A T, having considered the reference from the Scrutiny Committee (Economy and Environment), Cabinet and the Budget Working Party be notified that this Committee would support a full options appraisal being undertaken on the A4055 from the Biglis roundabout to Southra Park Estate, Dinas Powys.


(2)       T H A T Cabinet and the Budget Working Party be requested to consider a specific reference being included in the capital programme to the Cross Common Road bridge (which had not been bid for at this time due to its being on a candidate site) given the condition of the bridge and the need to effect improvements (as a phased programme if necessary) and the possibility of external funding being made available in the future.


(3)       T H A T the Head of Financial Services update the Committee on the bid for the previously agreed scheme to install traffic lights on the Barry Dock Link Road.


(4)       T H A T, given the desire to provide a safe learning environment and in the interests of cost effectiveness, Cabinet be requested to consider that the bid in respect of funding external repairs to Albert Road Primary School be afforded a higher priority than the Priority 4 currently awarded, a view being expressed that, if necessary, the bid relating to the installation of a Council Chamber conferencing system be dropped.


Reasons for recommendations


(1, 2&4)          In order that Cabinet be informed of comments of the Scrutiny Committees before making a final proposal on the budget.


(3)       To respond to a verbal request made at the meeting."