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The Vale of Glamorgan Council


Cabinet - 15th February 2012


Report of the Leader


Cemetery Approach, Barry - Consideration of Future Land Use Options


Purpose of the Report

1.             To seek the authority of Cabinet to undertake a public consultation exercise on options for the future use of land located at Cemetery Road, Barry for recreational purposes such as a community park, garden, play area, allotments and other similar amenities.


1.             That Cabinet authorise a public consultation exercise involving all interested individuals, groups and organisations, on possible future uses for two parcels of Council owned land located at Cemetery Road, Barry for recreational purposes.

2.             That the Director of Environmental and Economic Regeneration be granted delegated authority, in consultation with the Cabinet Member for Visible and Building Services, to draft all documentation and to define all processes in connection with this consultation exercise.

3.             That a further report be provided to Cabinet on conclusion of the consultation exercise with a short list of suitable future land use options.

Reasons for the Recommendations

1.             To ensure the full and effective involvement of all stakeholders in consideration of the possible future uses of this land for recreational purposes.

2.             To ensure that the documentation and processes are sufficient to properly engage stakeholders and for the responses received to be most relevant to the location and nature of the land in question.

3.             To permit a decision to be taken on the future uses of this land.


2.             The areas of land concerned are shown hatched at Appendix 'A'.  Cabinet will be aware that this land was the subject of a failed planning application in March 2008 (2007/01121/FUL).

3.             A report was provided to the Economy and Environment Scrutiny Committee meeting of 8th February 2011, at the request of Councillor R. F. Curtis, who asked for the land be considered for use as allotments.  The Committee recommended:

(Min. 879)

·               THAT the areas of Council land at either side of Cemetery Approach in Barry should not be designated as allotments.

·               THAT the Allotment Strategy report be presented to Committee in due course.

Reasons for Recommendations:

·               The land was considered to be unsuitable.

·               To apprise Members.

4.             The report included details of a cost estimate to demolish buildings and to prepare the land for allotment use.  The report also suggested that if addressing the backlog of allotment requests in Barry was to be the reason for changing the use of this land, it may be wiser to consider other sites in Barry which would be less costly to prepare for this use.

5.             Cabinet and the relevant Scrutiny Committees will consider a draft allotment strategy shortly and this will also be used to inform possible future allotment sites in the Barry area.

6.             Barry Town Council has registered an interest in one of these areas of land and they will be included in the consultation process.

7.             A full list of all reports concerning this land is detailed within the background papers.

Relevant Issues and Options

8.             The areas comprise:-

Ash Field (Area 'a' on Appendix 'A')

A parcel of land of approximately 0.46 ha (1.13 acres), located between Cemetery Approach and the Cemetery Allotments.

Former Nursery Site (Area 'b' on Appendix 'A')

A parcel of land approximately 0.43 ha (1.07 acres) located between Cemetery Approach, the rear gardens of 9 - 23 St. Teilo Avenue and the rear gardens of 250 - 260 Barry Road.

9.             Both areas of land were used as a Nursery production unit up until 1996, when the Nursery was closed due to economic reasons.  The areas were transferred to the then Property Department of the Council in 1997 as surplus to the requirements of the Parks Section and placed on the market for disposal.

10.        The land is located in a prominent area of Barry and borders an important and historic route to Merthyr Dyfan Cemetery.

11.        There was significant local interest in the previously proposed use of this land for housing and in addition to some strong opposition there were also many suggestions from residents for, what in their view, were more suitable future uses.

12.        It is therefore appropriate to establish if they could be put back into use to provide some form of relevant amenity for the local area.

13.        The community are clearly very passionate about these sites and it would therefore be very useful to tap into this interest with an appropriate consultation exercise.

14.        Options for recreational amenities include a community garden or park, play area and allotments. These are not exhaustive, however, and consultation may reveal other preferred options.

15.        Due to the Council's obvious financial constraints, we will have to look to the local community and other stakeholders to support any plans or initiatives with their time and perhaps even funds, though grant funding may be available for certain formally constituted groups for certain community based initiatives.

16.        The emphasis through the consultation process will be on community engagement, amenity, accessibility and sustainability and it is hoped that through this process a number of suitable schemes will develop which can be put forward to Members for consideration.

17.        This consultation process will commence in April 2012 with a report to Cabinet on the outcomes of the process likely to be available in September 2012.

18.        The consultation process will be administered by the Chief Executive's office via C1V, with stakeholders able to provide their comments via telephone, e-mail or post.  The details of how to become involved will be published in the local press.

Resource Implications (Financial and Employment and Climate Change, if appropriate)

19.        It is estimated that this process will cost in the region of £1,500 and this cost includes all associated advertising.  This will be met from within existing budgets.

20.        The Council's financial limitations will be a significant factor in any consideration of future land use.  It is therefore likely that preference will be given to uses that involve the community or third party resources to develop the amenity.

21.        Whatever the options considered, ownership of the land will remain with the Vale of Glamorgan Council.

Legal Implications (to Include Human Rights Implications)

22.        None for this report.

Crime and Disorder Implications

23.        None.

Equal Opportunities Implications (to include Welsh Language issues)

24.        There are no equal opportunity implications.

Corporate/Service Objectives

25.        Our Service Objectives are to provide and manage parks, parks and open spaces, play areas and provide a clean and healthy environment.

Policy Framework and Budget

26.        This report is within the policy framework and budget.

Consultation (including Ward Member Consultation)

27.        The local Ward Members for Dyfan and Gibbonsdown have been consulted.

Relevant Scrutiny Committee

28.        Corporate Resources

Background Papers

Cabinet Meeting: 19th July 2006

Report of the Director of Finance ICT & Property

Land at Cemetery Road, Barry


Planning Committee: 10th October 2007

2007/01121/FUL - Former nursery land adjacent to Cemetery Road, Barry

Erection of 66 no. affordable dwellings (made up of 42 no. houses and two blocks of 12 no. flats) and associated works


Planning Committee:  13th December 2007

2007/01121/FUL - Former nursery land adjacent to Cemetery Road, Barry

Erection of 61 no. affordable dwellings (made up of 39 no. houses and two blocks of 11 no. flats) and associated works


Planning Report:  2007/01121/FUL Received on 7 August 2007

This Planning report should be read in conjunction with the report of planning application 07/01121/FUL presented to Planning Committee on 10 October 2007 (details above)


Cabinet Meeting:  5th March 2008

Report of the Director of Legal, Public Protection and Housing Services

Land at Cemetery Road, Barry


Planning Committee:  13th March 2008


Erection of 61 no. affordable dwellings (made up of 39 no. houses and two blocks of 11 no. flats) and associated works


Cabinet Meeting:  9th July 2008

Report of the Director of Legal, Public Protection and Housing Services

Land at Cemetery Road, Barry


Scrutiny Committee (Corporate Resources):  29th July 2008

Request for Call-In - Land at Cemetery Road, Barry

The matter had been considered by Cabinet at its meeting on 9th July 2008.


Cabinet Meeting:  31st July 2008

Reference from Scrutiny Committee (Corporate Resources):  29th July 2008

Request for Call-In - Land at Cemetery Road, Barry


Scrutiny (Economy and Environment) Committee:  8th February 2011

Report of the Director of Environmental and Economic Regeneration

Cemetery Approach, Barry - Request for Additional Allotments


Contact Officer

Phil Beaman, Operational Manager Parks and Grounds Maintenance

Tel No:  01446 709543


Officers Consulted

Group Estates Officer

Operational Manager Legal Services

Accountant, Building and Visible Services

Business Support Manager - C1V


Responsible Officer:

Rob Quick, Director of Environmental and Economic Regeneration