Agenda Item No


The Vale of Glamorgan Council


Cabinet: 30th May 2012


Report of the Leader


Appointments to Outside Bodies / Joint Committees


Purpose of the Report

1.             To appoint / nominate representatives to the Outside Bodies / Joint Committees detailed in the report.


1.             That Members be appointed or nominated to serve on the Bodies listed until the local government elections in 2017.

2.             That, where legally possible, attendance at meetings of organisations to which a Member has been nominated or appointed by the Council be classed as an approved duty for which travelling and subsistence allowances are payable, in accordance with the Council's scheme.

Reasons for the Recommendations

1&2  To ensure continuity of representation by the Council on Outside Bodies.


2.             Historically, the Council has appointed / nominated representatives to sit on a large number of Outside Bodies / Joint Committees.

Relevant Issues and Options

3.             Attached at Appendix A is a list of previous appointments (the figure in brackets indicates the frequency of meetings, where known).  Given that, apart from a few limited exceptions, all appointments to Outside Bodies / Joint Committees have now lapsed, it will be necessary to appoint / nominate new Council representatives.  A review of the current list of organisations on which the Council has representatives has been undertaken.

4.             It is proposed that, as previously, all such appointments should run for the life of the Council, i.e. until the local government elections in 2017.  This would obviously be subject to the agreement of the relevant body to which Members have been appointed.

Resource Implications (Financial and Employment and Climate Change, if appropriate)

5.             There are no specific implications arising from the report.

Legal Implications (to Include Human Rights Implications)

6.             There are no specific implications arising from the report.  Responsibility for the appointment of Members / officers to Outside Bodies, and the revocation of any such appointment, rests with the Cabinet.

Crime and Disorder Implications

7.             None.

Equal Opportunities Implications (to include Welsh Language issues)

8.             None.

Corporate/Service Objectives

9.             None.

Policy Framework and Budget

10.        This is a matter for Executive decision.

Consultation (including Ward Member Consultation)

11.        The appointment of Members / officers to Outside Bodies is an internal matter and therefore no external consultation is necessary.

Relevant Scrutiny Committee

12.        Corporate Resources.

Background Papers



Contact Officer

Mr. Jeff Wyatt, Tel: (01446) 709408


Officers Consulted

Operational Manager (Democratic Services)


Responsible Officer:

Mr. John Maitland Evans, Chief Executive