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At the request of the Leader the Chairman of the Committee had agreed that the Vale of Glamorgan School Investment Programme document be discussed prior to Cabinet making a response with regard to the submission of the required documentation relating to the Welsh Medium school to the Welsh Government before September 2012.  The attached was for consideration by the Corporate Resources Committee.


Officers had met with the Welsh Government in May 2012 to discuss the next steps in progressing the revised Band A Projects within the 21st Century Schools Programme.  Following that meeting, an assessment of the four projects within Band A had been carried out. The highest priority identified had been the bringing forward of the next phase at Ysgol Dewi Sant in Llantwit Major.  Prior to its opening, pupil numbers at Ysgol Dewi Sant had been difficult to predict with accuracy and the Council had therefore assumed a conservative level of parental demand.  Parental demand for Welsh medium education in the Llantwit Major area was, however, increasing more rapidly than initial estimates and the next phase of the development was required earlier than originally planned to accommodate those additional children.  It was noted that feasibility studies would be carried out on the remaining schemes to determine if any of those could also be brought forward and a report would be submitted to this Committee detailing the outcome.  Approval would therefore be sought for the Chief Executive to approve the submission of the business justification case to the Welsh Government before September 2012.


In response to a question in relation to the knock on effect of the proposal to expand Ysgol Dewi Sant on Welsh medium education in Cowbridge and English medium education in Llantwit Major, the School Organisation and Access Manager responded that within the Llantwit Major area (including St. Athan and Wick) there were five English medium schools, that the pupil numbers at Ysgol Dewi Sant were in fact quite small and the effect on the English medium would therefore be spread wide.  Due to increasing demand for Welsh medium education reception applications at Ysgol Iolo Morganwg have remained at a high level.


In response to a further question in relation to Asset Renewal, he confirmed that, as the 21st Century Schools Programme only addressed the needs of a limited number of schools, there would not be an appreciable reduction in the required Asset Renewal budget in the medium or long term, although there could be a reduction in the very long term arising from the remodelling of schools.


On behalf of the Committee, the Chairman thanked the officer for presenting the report together with all the officers involved in the preparation of the School Investment Programme.


RECOMMENDED – T H A T Cabinet be requested to authorise the Chief Executive / Managing Director to approve the submission of a business justification case for the completion of the next phase of Ysgol Dewi Sant by September 2012 to release Welsh Government Capital funding for this revised Band A project in consultation with the Leader and the relevant Cabinet Member.


Reason for recommendation


To progress the submission of the business justification case.





Attached as Appendix – Report to Scrutiny Committee (Corporate Resources): 26th June, 2012