Agenda Item No


The Vale of Glamorgan Council


Cabinet 30th July 2012


Report of the Leader


External Funding Applications


Purpose of the Report

1.             To inform Cabinet of external funding applications submitted/allocated to maximise the amount of external funding sought/utilised to support the delivery of corporate objectives.  


1.             That Cabinet authorises acceptance of the revenue Flying Start grant of £1,422,434 allocated for 2012/13 and that the Council continue to act as lead body.

2.             That Cabinet notes the utilisation of the revenue grant for 2012/13 and the expansion of the grant.

3.             That Cabinet authorises the submission of the Capital application of £662,985 covering the period 2012-14 and if successful inclusion in the authority's Capital Programme.


Reasons for the Recommendations

1.             That Cabinet approve the acceptance of the revenue grant and on-going responsibilities as lead body for the grant.

2.             That Cabinet notes the utilisation of the grant and the expansion of Flying Start activities.

3.             That Cabinet authorises the submission of the Capital application of £662,985 and if approved, its inclusion in the authority's Capital Programme.      



2.             Corporate Management Team previously agreed new procedures to improve the way in which the Council assess and co-ordinates its bids for external funding.

3.             An 'External Funding Framework' covers the practicalities of maximising external funding opportunities to meet corporate objectives. The framework highlights the criteria that potential applicants must address and those applying for external funding grant to minimise risk to the Council.   

Relevant Issues and Options

4.             Flying Start is a Welsh Government (WG) grant for children aged 0-4 years in a specific geographical area. The primary aim of Flying Start is to improve outcomes for children in the most deprived communities across Wales. Targeted investment is dedicated to offer free part-time, quality childcare for two to three years olds, enhanced Health visitor support, parenting programmes and basic skills including the language and play programme. 

5.             Flying Start was initiated in 2007 and the second phase of the grant scheme began in April 2011. The first phase of the Flying Start project in the Vale of Glamorgan is based in the three wards of Cadoc, Gibbonsdown & Court. These are based on the schools in the Vale with the most free school dinners, in areas of deprivation, Oakfield, Jenner Park and Cadoxton Primary Schools. 50% of all referrals to Children's Services were from this area and it is the largest area of social housing in the Vale of Glamorgan.

6.             The Second phase of the project is expansion into the wards of Castleland and selected post codes within Buttrills and Dyfan Wards (Appendix A) again identified as areas with high levels of deprivation based on Income Benefit data, free school meals, child protection and housing information. The Welsh Government has announced a commitment to the scheme and announced indicative funding until March 2015.

7.             Flying Start has been developed around four strands:

·               Free, high quality, part time childcare for 2-3 year olds. This is offered by specified playgroups, day care nurseries, childminders who have contracts with Flying Start three playgroups run by Flying Start.

·               Intensive health visiting and midwifery services. The health visitors have a case load of no more than 110 children each and provide a minimum of 21 visits in the first 18 months. The speech and language therapist and dietician will encourage good speech and language development as well as healthy eating from an early stage.

·               Parenting Support: A variety of parenting programmes and support services are available through small groups or in the home, providing advice and support to deal with the everyday practicalities of being a parent. Crèches are provided for children less than 4 years.

·               Improving a child's development through play. This is offered one to one in the home and in groups throughout the area. 

8.             The revenue grant available from Welsh Government in 2012/13 is £1,422,434 with an indicative allocation of £2,005,184 in 2013/14. In addition to revenue grant to deliver flying start activities a capital grant is also available through WG's Flying Start Capital Grant Scheme. The Vale of Glamorgan has applied for a Capital Grant of £662,985 covering the period 2012-14.

9.             The Capital submission relates to:

·               Refurbishment of Gibbonsdown Children's Centre to increase the number of placements available and improve the quality of community provision for group work with families (in Partnership with Barry Regeneration). This is the subject of a Part II report on the agenda for this meeting of Cabinet.

·               Refurbishment of a demountable to accommodate a new Flying Start group at Gladstone Primary School.

·               Extension of Cadoxton Nursery to accommodate a Flying Start group.

·               Provision of a demountable at Flying Stat Family Centre, Gladstone Road (previously Maes Y Coed) to increase capacity for small group work, clinics and direct work with families.

·               Maximisation of office capacity at Flying Start Building, Skomer Road. 

10.        Flying Start is delivered in partnership with Cardiff and Vale University Board who employ all health staff.

Resource Implications (Financial and Employment)

11.        The WG provides 100% revenue grant funding towards eligible costs for delivering Flying Start (£1,422,434 in 2012/13 and £2,005,184 in 2013/14).

12.        An application for a capital grant of £662,985 was submitted to Welsh Government in June 2012, identifying additional funding being sought from the Welsh Government Barry Regeneration Funding. This is the subject of a Part II report on the agenda for this meeting of Cabinet.

Sustainability and Climate Change Implications

13.        Flying Start supports families provide children with a better start in life and helps them address issues. This will facilitate them to eventually play a positive contribution within the economy.

Legal Implications (to include Human Rights Implications)

14.        A contractual agreement is in place with Cardiff and Vale University Health Board regarding the employment of health personnel to support the delivery of Flying Start. All the other staff deployed to deliver Flying Start are employed by the Vale of Glamorgan Council.   

Crime and Disorder Implications

15.        Flying Start will have a positive impact on crime and disorder through ensuring children and parents from disadvantaged communities have access to appropriate health, emotional and childcare support as early intervention is recognised as crucial to help transform children, families and communities. Parenting support is provided to help parents deal with everyday practicalities as evidence highlights the importance of engaging parents.

Equal Opportunities Implications (to include Welsh Language issues)

16.        Flying Start will provide a range of support to help families give children a better start in life including childcare and a speech and language therapist.    

Corporate/Service Objectives

17.        The Flying Start grants support the Council address a number of corporate objectives, for example Improvement Objective 4 ' to ensure every child has a flying start in life'.

Policy Framework and Budget

18.        This is a matter for Executive decision by Cabinet

Consultation (including Ward Member Consultation)

19.        Officers within the Council, the Children and Young People's Partnership, Vale Centre for Voluntary Services, Communities First and the Cardiff & Vale University Health Board were involved in the scoping and planning of both the capital and revenue submissions.     

Relevant Scrutiny Committee

20.        All committees

Background Papers

External Funding proforma - Flying Start

Strategic Outline Programme - Flying Start Capital Programme for Vale of Glamorgan Council (version no 5)

Flying Start 3 Year Strategic Plan 2012-2015


Contact Officer

Mike Jones, Business Manager (Partnerships)


Officers Consulted

Amber Constant, Flying Start Project Manager

Carolyn Michael, Senior Group Accountant

Antonia Bridges, Flying Start Programme Expansion Manager

Laura Davis, Senior Accountant

Head of Legal Services

Dave Williams, Principal Regeneration Officer


Responsible Officer:

Huw Isaac, Head of Performance and Development